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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Target Mumbai

Terror strikes Mumbai again. A new terror date is created--26/11.

Yes, nobody knows where when and what next.

And WHY.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cricket Vibes

After many years India is fast adopting a positive ruthless attitude and is winning matches consistently. Defeated Aus in ODI 2-0, Aus in Test 2-0 and defeated England in ODI with a 4-0 lead. But some people, so much used to a negative mindset, are giving odd reactions.

One reporter of a channel started babbling what England is doing and what it's supposed to do. Well, it's a fact that the weaker team always loses and you don't ask, hey buggers, why are you so weak! You criticize them identifying the areas of weakness. But you have to laud the winning team for its victory. Mercifully the reporter was cut short.

Another scribe wrote that England lost the last two matches due to the D-L method. Yes, the D-L rules are complex, but it cannot possibly harm the better team. In the Kanpur ODI (Nov 20, 2008) India was in a sound position, 198/5 needing only 43 runs off 9 overs and at that point they won by 16 runs due to D-L. What's wrong in that?

In the Bangalore ODI (Nov 23, 2008) D-L put India only at great disadvantage: they started the innings for a 50 over match, then they faced 44 overs and after the last interruption the match was reduced to just 22 overs. Having played 17 overs already India had only five overs left suddenly. This was a defeat situation, because they didn't play for a 22 over match. But Team India changed gear brilliantly and plundered 60 runs off five overs and so the D-L rationalization made the final target a very stiff one. Even then Engaland had a great chance, but Team India played better and won. What's wrong in that?

Be positive, yaar.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Longest Break!

...well, that's it!

In the meantime the N-Deal was through with nobody quite being able to have the last laugh. Anyway, history was made.

In the meantime most powerful blasts ravaged my hometown Guwahati and my home state Assam. Just ten days back we were there moving around most of the places targetted. The fear was there, but securtiy was utterly lacking. Well why innocents are being killed everywhere with nobody knowing where when what next. What purpose it serves?

We were there for one month. Organized a musical function in fond memory of our father Bibekananda Bhattacharyya on the occasion of his first death anniversary, in Guwahati, Sept 28, 2008. The function named 'Prashanti' was a huge success with the innovative ways it was conducted. Ragini and myself compiled and edited a small book too as a souvenir. We hope to make it an annual musical event on 28th of any winter month, because 28th is our father's birth, death and marriage date which is significant.

And in cricket India is in winning ways. The positive approach is palpable. Since that incredible 2-0 drubbing of Aus in the ODI Triseries things had changed for the best.
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