Yearender With A.....Drag?

Three days back at around 8pm we finished our evening tea and were standing outside our office gate as my colleague was finishing his fag. I saw one elderly couple crossing the road from opposite to us. As they crossed they kept on looking at us. I thoutht they might ask us something.

They crossed and passed us still looking at us and stopped at little distance away. From the back of my eye I saw them talking intensely.

Then the husband came up and addressed my colleague,

'Hello, can I have a drag please?'

'What! A drink?'

'No, no. I want only a drag. I didn't take one since yesterday!'

My bewildered friend offered him the remaining part, 'Ok. Have it all'. And we started moving towards the gate. With the wife watching the man took one drag and shouted behind us, 'Hello, I want only a drag. Please take it back!'

We waved at him and went back to work laughing all the way.

Can you analyze this true bizzarre incident?


Anonymous said…
It'a really funny and eerie too.

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