Feedback From a Professional Psychologist on the 'Drag' Episode

Well, since I have got a third person report about it, a lot must have been missed in the observation process that a psycho-analyst needs for one's elementary analysis. The protagonist's age,gait, body-language and other non-verbal communication serve as vital inputs in the process of social/person perception.

Anyways, but I still managed to analyse the following which ofcourse is not the last word over it:

It seems that the elderly man is not health conscious and may be a compulsive chain smoker at a point of time in his life. He currently hails from a poor or lower socio-economic class. But it may not have been the case few years ago when he could afford to buy a cigarette on his own. MAY BE.

Other possibility is that even if he can afford the drag of his own money today, he may be asking from strangers for seeking brief attention from non-judgmental people. Need for affiliation too is reflected to some extent. He and his wife may be looking after each other and his children may have abandoned them and may be helpless about their fate.

Usually, a person with self-dignity will not ask for anything from complete strangers. It was a different thing if that man new your friend closely as such things like 'asking for a drag from a single cigarette' are understood in close friendship relations.

If not anything then one more possibility is that the elderly man may be showing 'senile' tendencies. I am posting a link below for your reference. Focus on the words from the link '............ Other causes of senility include depression, poor nutrition, thyroid dysfunction, drug addiction, and alcoholism'

Last, but not the least, the entire thing could be of a 'paranormal' nature. Unexplained, eerie and kind of weird. We Easterners, especially the one's believing in Eastern philosophies, usually do not rule out the existence of spirits!

Since you have witnessed the entire episode, what does your insticts tell you Chinmay'ji?

Looking forward for more such psycho-teasers and other constructive discussion of any topic.

Best wishes,

Shraddha. Sankulkar


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