Many Many Many, Don’t be Funny!

Just how many is too many? Well, a thought only.

About ten years back, more relevantly for India, it was very difficult to get a credit card. The banks did not come to you then, you had to go to them—beg beg and convince. Getting one finally was considered an achievement.

Now one is not enough. With banks calling you, emailing you, messaging you all the time and with most cards coming as lifetime free ones you just go merrily multiplying irrespective of your needs. Specially designed wallets are coming your way to accommodate your cardy crowd. It’s altogether a different matter how many of you are hooked into a never ending debt trap and how many are showing off without having the means to even come close to that kind of lifestyle.

Just five years back, again more relevantly for India, many of us didn’t even know what a blog was. Forget how to create it.

Now having one blog is not enough. You can go on creating just at the click of the mouse irrespective of whether you need it or not and whether you have the content for that or not. Like credit cards many blogs have to be owned because like credit cards they come free too. It’s altogether a different matter how many of you get trapped in it and how many get into a position of perfect inactivity. Amitabh Bachchan, the superstar of the millennium, got trapped by commenting on the film Slumdog Millionnaire directed by Danny Boyle. Mr Bachchan restarted the archaic debate of ‘selling Indian poverty or ugly reality’ to the West. You cannot hide the ‘reality’ of a blog.

Someone has to design a special e-wallet for accommodating your blogy crowd.


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