Good Neighbors!

One of our neighbors has been maintaining their stray habits.

We all should love animals. And we do love them. But the profound question is should we love them at the cost of us human beings.

There are lots of problems caused by stray dogs and cats to residents, passersby and all including bites. Authorities always plan many things but fail always at the implementation level due to, of course, the animal lovers. And problems always remain.

Our neighbor is trying to take care of all stray animals of the locality by feeding them at the staircase landing space and inside the house. If you are unfortunate enough to pass by just at the time of their main door opening up it’s all cats and dogs raining out on you! At many times dogs regally lounge on the landing space just outside the door and if you are ascending or descending the stairs you have to cross within biting distance. Good neighbors that we are we never make scenes except asking the watchmen sometimes to scare away the strays.

The lady of the house if often seen talking intently to the strays and is hardly seen talking to human beings. Well, should animal lovers become mental cases? Animals themselves would not like this idea as it smacks of future unpredictable dangers!

The profound question thus remains.