Cricket Stays in India!

So IPL-2 is moved out of India to South Africa. Not that it had to be moved out. While clashing with elections in India the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) insisted on the same starting date that is April 10th and allowed only intermingling of other dates and venues. Now in South Africa the tournament is postponed to 18th April. Why?

Apart from the big money of the franchisees and the consequent high stakes, the dates of the top international players there is in all probability another factor of ‘ego’ involved here. Rolling in millions the BCCI naturally is fast cultivating a zero tolerance to any kind of objections and criticisms. Else, why didn’t it agree to a delayed start in India, why it refused to recognize the security implications of the general elections, why India was compared to Pakistan, why can’t they see the risks involved in holding the tournament in the same time period with the elections and why they cannot rise above revenue considerations?

Cricket stays in India. IPL-2 is starting in SA okay, but see the timings of the matches, 4pm and 8pm as per Indian time. Why forget the huge revenues from the satellite channels! Cricket is a national obsession here and it stays like that only. The only hitch is that a purely business minded private board is allowed to handle a national obsession.

Why can’t we have a NBCBCCII? A National Board for Control of BCCI in India.


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