Wannabe PM?

The art of forming political coalitions seems to have acquired a new mantra. ‘Wannabe PM?’ syndrome is gaining ground all over the country. Prominent aspiring political leaders are being lured into this syndrome and on the basis of their anticipated affirmations new coalitions or fronts are manufactured.

During the Nuclear Deal turmoil a lot of unlikely groups made unlikely coalitions with the promise of making someone PM. Now with general elections round the corner the process of making ‘strange bedfellows’ is naturally getting accelerated. Some leaders cannot help but keep a lifelong ambition of becoming the PM. Some of them succeed, no matter even if it means for a few days only, and others remain eternally hopeful. If we call it a baser instinct then it is ‘pandering to baser instincts’. What is wrong if ‘pandering’ leads to an endless stream of fronts?

In Maharashtra too the ‘Marathi Manoos’ (son of soil) sentiment is playing its part in the overall unfolding of the syndrome. If a son of soil of a particular region wants to be the PM political parties of that region tend to forget political affiliations and ideologies. Thus we get ‘regional integration’. Now, if someone like that finally becomes the PM how s/he is going to reconcile to the eternal theme of ‘national integration’ is a question better left alone.

For the moment we can enjoy the great entertainment show of ‘wannabe PM’ and wait for the suspense drama to end after the elections. Or, do we have a say on who should be or would be or could be the eventual PM?


Its a political circus going on out there. Our politicians are acting very shallow. Abu Azmi gifting roses in Mumbai local trains on Ram Navmi holiday (does he have the guts to do his emotional stunts on a jam packed train?) He did it as per his convenience. Other politicians giving money, still other giving a speech via cell phone in Orissa. Sahi hai! Well, but just like every feild, there are plus and minus elements, the same goes for politics. Media channels to glorify or criticise the politicians in a biased manner. Varun Gandhi's controversial speech may have squeezed lemon in the Bjp milk! The wave of insecurity must have gone in the non-Hindus of India.

Its all about identifying. These politicians appeal the people on the basis of some 'hook' and make them identify with them. The hooks typically are: Religion, caste, reservations, fundamentalism, minorities etc. Therefore many local wins are seen as people identify with the 'brand' thats being promoted and has the 'vested interested' element in it.

Watching the media promos of all parties, I feel Congress has got an upperhand to win this election probably with a few addition of non-congress seats. The 'common man' theme in their T.V promo is nicely done. Yet another thing which is favorable for Congress is their party flag has the color of Indian tricolor, so its yet another secured icon for all who connect with our country. Rashtravadi Congress too will pitch in. This election they may be laying their foundations for the future elections to come. Seems like Supriya Sule may take the reigns for Rashtravadi Congress soon and lets expect her to be a good parlimentarian this election.

In the end, I wish MAY DEMOCRACY WIN!May all of us with our right to vote show the power of 'one finger' and push out the villans and bring in the heros.
Jai Hind.

Shraddha Sankulkar,
Associate Lecturer-State Institute of Administrative Career, Founder/CEO (www.mindmatterz.net)

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