Left Left out!

The so-called communists of India had it coming. Officially committed to the ideology of great Karl Marx the four left parties of India did not know what to do with the proletariat. They failed to understand the needs of a country in a global economy. Being a part of the ruling coalition they opposed every move taken in the interest of the country. They threatened to stall the Nuclear Deal without understanding the basics.

Finally they left the government reducing it to a minority and risking its possible fall in troubled times. They wanted to form an alternative government and for that they aligned with even extreme right feudal masters and mistresses.

Now they had it. Even in their traditional strongholds of West Bengal and Kerala the voters rejected them. The tally of seats of the four left parties fell nearly three fold compared to 2004. Now they have an existential problem and they want to analyze the reasons for rejection. Well, there seems to be nothing to analyze. If you cannot respect an ideology and the citizens you have no right to exist.

Despite low voting the General Elections of India 2009 gave a clear verdict. Citizens voted for a stable government and they got it. The ruling coalition is all set to form the new government again and this time they do not need the left at all.

A tremendous victory for Democracy.


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