Government Service Is Not A Bed Of Roses!

Security, sixth pay commission, relaxed way of working and so on are considered to be the lures of government service. This is only a part of the larger picture. A good worker is a good worker irrespective of where s/he works. And a good worker is often not rewarded in government service. Instead, s/he faces numerous pitfalls along the way and is hardly cared for.

A government servant recently went out of town on leave and he fell suddenly sick needing an emergency surgery. He had to rush to the nearest hospital which turned out to be a private one. He spent a lot of money and luckily got cured.

When he joined his office the government heath centres refused to give him medicine as those were prescribed by a private doctor. He was not given any compensation package as he was operated by a private doctor. Even he was refused medical leave as he was certified by a private doctor.

He had to go on buying medicine on his own and he faced more loss of money due to half pay leave as he did not have enough earned leave.

He fell sick while in government service, he was operated while in government service, he got back to duty before he was fully fit(spending still more money for having to commute to office by taxi for a month) while in government service and, he was cared a hoot by the government. He spent all his hard earnings and was continuously harassed in the bargain.

Any takers?


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