Serial Loser!

I know a writer who always ends up a loser—for no fault of his or for the lack of talent. Some projects he conceptualizes, writes scripts and screenplays; but ends up not being given the promised money and credit lines. Some projects just dry up, some are nipped in the bud and some vanish as suddenly as they appear.

Recently he had another unique experience.

A big producer called him up through a source and fixed an appointment. At the right hour he was given a story and asked to develop it for a TV serial with native flavor. He was not given any specific deadline and when he asked he was told ‘as soon as possible’.

The poor writer took it very seriously and right ho! He developed the story into several episodes and fully worked out the first one with dialogues too. In the meantime the biggie did not call at all. So the poor writer again phoned to tell him he was ready and could come three days later. The producer agreed and offered to call him before that.

No calls came. The poor humble one thought the biggie must be busy with many other things and so did not want to disturb. After the appointed hour when there was no chance of making up the producer called and enquired why he did not come. Finally ‘misunderstanding’ was mutually understood. The biggie this time offered to call him and meet at some point convenient to both the next week.

Again, no calls. The poor one did not know what to do. So he sent an SMS asking if to stop or plan further. No response to that too. So the poor one thought ‘my labor gone waste, ok. But further losses might possibly have been prevented.’

For the biggies it is their birthright to be arrogant, snobbish and mean. The poor ones have just to go on getting on with it. Only question that arises here is that if the biggie was not interested in his own project why he pushed the poor one on.


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