Mature Verdict For Maharashtra

My 14 hour shift of duty on counting day yesterday proved to be a memorable one as the end result was decisive and good.

The ruling Congress-Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Coalition came back to power for the third consecutive term. They captured exactly half of total assembly seats of 288--just one short of simple majority. Congress did better than earlier and NCP did okay despite a few hurdles.

In the backdrop of some serious problems like internal security post 26/11, farmers' suicides, long hours of load shedding, inflation and so on performance of the ruling coalitions was not quite outstanding, yet they have been voted back to power. Well, voters had no viable alternative with the main opposition parties failing to provide concrete strategies and mostly indulging in a mindless game of allegations and more allegations. Secondly, the near majority verdict effectively prevented horse trading which was looming large due to large number of dissidents and independents with the possibility of a hung assembly. Lastly, the master manipulators who prey on hung houses missed the bus completely. It was a vote for stability--giving another chance for better performance.

Yes, a mature verdict that speaks volumes for the Indian democratic tradition. The opposition leader lost his seat, some tainted ministers lost too and the younger generation voted Raj Thackray's Maharashtra Navnirman Sena into serious political contention gaining the position of the second largest political party in Mumbai.

Now, inevitable politicking for the next Chief Minister. Our vote is indeed for the present CM Ashok Chavan who took charge amidst the turmoil of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack and in just nine months brought his party back to power and initiated some revolutionary steps for effective security.

All the best for the new government of Maharashtra to take shape in the coming few days.


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