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Thursday, November 26, 2009

IFFI 2009 Goa-Noise Deafening!

If you are here in Goa Inox Festival campus with no managerial duties assigned you better enter into one of the theatres. Else you face the noise which you can still savour with lots and lots of beer glasses and other food delicacies.

The Goan music bands are playing full blast, the mega monitors of a local cable channels are emitting noise in terms of pop, fashion, cuisine and a series of unending star interviews. There is no escape! Come out of the campus and you confront the carnival blazing just opposite on the banks of the Mandovi river. It's all fun no doubt, but if you are one of the film purists who want the typical film festival ambience then you are in troble. You also need tickets to enter theatres with proper seat numbers. You are alloted maximum of five tickets on your delegate or media card. The good old days of carefree enjoyment are gone. There is also tight securtiy all around which is of course the utmost necessity.

Today being the first anniversary of 26/11 terror attack we had asked delegates' views on that. They have all expressed that terror must be stopped and they are happy with the security arrangements made here.

As our units go from event to event we have no alternative but to face the noise! And watching movies for us? Well, no time even to think about them! Good that just managed a minute to write this post!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

See You in Goa!

IFFI GOA--2009

Dear Friends!

We are off to Goa for the coverage of the 40th International Film Festival of India, Goa-2009(IFFI) from 22nd of November and will be back by 5th of next month.

I will try very hard to keep you posted from Goa amidst expected hyperactivity. But if I fail to do so which is not at all ruled out please enjoy Goa and the rest!

Meantime, the first test between India and Sri Lanka ended in a draw thanks to the lifeless pitch at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Such pitches made for four and sixes are robbing the game of its inner charm, tension and glorious uncertainty. Rid the game of big money!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

ABCs Of Friends And Enemies!

Once upon a time A was working as the boss of the office. A had B as its right hand and C as its left hand in terms of trust and confidence. Thus, B and C cornered all the favors and attention of A.

D was the most desperate of the lot. It had major responsibilities and being harassed by A at every step working was just nightmare. D was fine with B and C, but that did not help getting A's attention.

But just as it happened, one fine morning B and C fought bitterly over an issue and the whole office reverberated with their most foul most loud howling growling and brawling. A was dismayed and was so grievously affected by B's reporting of the incident that A banished C to the desolation ward. Right hand got the upper hand naturally but the left hand got lost. Vacancy created for favors.

Since D happened to make one or two good remarks earlier in regard to B it got instantly selected to the vacant spot. D started getting all the attentions and favors now from its boss and it thanked God passionately on and on. What a relief!

So then, chance has a big role to play in remoulding friendship and enmity. Be ever ready to lose your friends as fast as gaining enemies and vice versa. Never be desperate! Just wait for chance to intervene!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cricket Breaking News! Team India Manages to Lose the Series!

Team India did prosper temporarily under the positive energy of skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni and started winning matches against all odds. They became strong contenders for the No.1 ODI team.

But traditions of generosity, ability of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, how not to win and so on have been becoming too strong for Dhoni. Against a depleted Australian team they had shown true colors of generosity by restoring Australia's confidence, bringing them back into contention and finally gifting the series to them. Team India had successfully snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the first, fourth and the fifth one day internationals. In the sixth today they taught precious lessons in 'how not to win'.

In the first game Team India got into a winning position thanks to a tremendous rally by the bowlers batting. Needed 9 runs from 6 balls and if you are considering No.1 spot you have no business to lose from that position. In the fourth game they made a mess of chasing just 251 which was not even competitive on Indian pitches. The fifth game was a shame. Someone played an incredible innings of 175 and even that failed to inspire the team members.They lost triumphantly from the position of 19 runs in 17 balls. Today's match is not worth a comment.

A word for the SELECTORS! Did you drop Rahul Dravid just to go on experimenting with Virat Kohli and other so-called young players? Dravid would have at least kept one end going. In every losing match India got all out with balls and overs to spare.

Who says one day internationals are passe! It's the demons of IPL and T20 that are threatening the glorious game of cricket. Scrap them!

Anyway, congratulations for keeping the Indian traditions alive!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cricket and Politics: Hattrick Hiatus!

Team India was poised for performing a hattrick beating Australia for the third consecutive time at Mohali, India yesterday and for becoming the number one ODI team. Indian Skipper MS Dhoni won the toss surprisingly elected to field. Why? All the external factors that inflicted earlier skippers have begun to haunt Dhoni too. Factors like pitches, weather, dew and so on. Positive cricket does not need all these--it means batting first and setting a 300 plus target. Dew or no dew such a total is always a challenge. Yet, Indian bowlers did extremely well to get the Aussies all out for 250. After a blazing start the old Indian story of over cautious progress unfolded. Barring Sehwag who rarely lasts long enough for a win, all batsmen trying to ensure a win dug themselves in unnecessarily and perished thanks to such negative tactics. Hello Dhoni, play your natural cricket and never ever listen to past Indian skippers. A huge opportunity had been mauled, spoiled and lost.

The ruling combine of Maharashtra was voted back to power for the third time. The mature verdict ensured a hattrick for the coalition coming out even stronger than before. People's verdict needed to be respected, followed with utmost urgency and the top priorities of good governance should have been realized. But what's going on? After over 11 days the new government is yet to be formed not even caring for the constitutional deadline of November 3, 2009. The partnering parties have been quarreling, haggling and bargaining for getting the plum cabinet berths, for cornering the key portfolios and for ensuring maximum benefits for each. A huge opportunity of earning people's applause, love and faith had been been mauled, spoiled and nearly lost.
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