Cricket Breaking News! Team India Manages to Lose the Series!

Team India did prosper temporarily under the positive energy of skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni and started winning matches against all odds. They became strong contenders for the No.1 ODI team.

But traditions of generosity, ability of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, how not to win and so on have been becoming too strong for Dhoni. Against a depleted Australian team they had shown true colors of generosity by restoring Australia's confidence, bringing them back into contention and finally gifting the series to them. Team India had successfully snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the first, fourth and the fifth one day internationals. In the sixth today they taught precious lessons in 'how not to win'.

In the first game Team India got into a winning position thanks to a tremendous rally by the bowlers batting. Needed 9 runs from 6 balls and if you are considering No.1 spot you have no business to lose from that position. In the fourth game they made a mess of chasing just 251 which was not even competitive on Indian pitches. The fifth game was a shame. Someone played an incredible innings of 175 and even that failed to inspire the team members.They lost triumphantly from the position of 19 runs in 17 balls. Today's match is not worth a comment.

A word for the SELECTORS! Did you drop Rahul Dravid just to go on experimenting with Virat Kohli and other so-called young players? Dravid would have at least kept one end going. In every losing match India got all out with balls and overs to spare.

Who says one day internationals are passe! It's the demons of IPL and T20 that are threatening the glorious game of cricket. Scrap them!

Anyway, congratulations for keeping the Indian traditions alive!


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