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Vintage Tendulkar! India Win Series Against South Africa!

Sachin Tendulkar created history today at Gwalior in the second one day international against South Africa. From the very start Sachin played shots all around the ground achieving half century, then century, then one hundred fifty and finally the incredible double century not out. The first time in the history of one day cricket that someone has hit a double ton.

The superlative innings rekindled memories of the ferocious run hungry Tendulkar of the nineties. The focused and obsessively intense batting feats at Sharjah against the Aussies rushed to the mind.

Team India seemed to be in a devastating mood. There was no time to wait. Sehwag fell early to his favorite shot. Dinesh Karthik gave terrific support in fast paced partnership. The power and fury of Pathan and Dhoni was perhaps inspired by the demolition man at the other end. The unbelievable 400 mark was surpassed and a target of 402 set for a plundered South Africa. What followed was inevitable. They did hit an incredible 43…

Marriage in Reverse Motion?

One of the endless serials in a colorful TV channel recently hit upon a brilliant idea! This is bound to save you time tension and legal hassles. All estranged couples take delight!

If you want to run away from your wedlock never bother about divorce and courts and lawyers. Follow what the serial offers you and be a winner.

Just arrange the same marriage ceremony. But in reverse order. Take off the garlands from each others throats. Sit before the holy sacrificial fire inside the ceremonial canopy-both of you- and take the opposite vow that you cannot carry on with this holy bandhan or tie. If you are the groom then rub off the Sindoor or vermilion from the bride's forehead. Mutual denials of wedding rings and ornaments.

Both of you stand up. Take the saat phere around the fire alright, but in reverse order--going backwards. Finally, get someone to untie the wedlock.

And, you are free birds! Maybe the serial did not digest the immense potential of its panacea fully. Because, f…

Jaipur ODI: Hadley Chase Thriller!

The first onedayer between India and South Africa had everything like that of Hadley Chase thriller. The apparent weaknesses, the ups and downs and the twists!

India were without four key players and SA was without it captain. Perhaps SA put India into bat first to attack the weaker batting order right away.

India added to their plan by a shaky start with Tendulkar run out and Sehwag run out in an absolute tragedy. But India did very well in the end amassing 298/9. There was just one half century by Suresh Raina, but almost every player did his bit contributing to the final competitive score.

SA started very well thanks to a couple of weird umpiring decisions. But then, wickets fell at regular intervals and India looked to finish it off with SA begging for mercy at 225/8 with all recognized batsmen back in pavilion.

And then, the final twist. With some fierce batting by the tailenders South Africa almost snatched the match away from India. India won by 1 run!

A classic encounter …

His Name Is Terror!

When you quarrel argue and fight over petty issues like whose name is what or which part of mother earth belongs to which humans the one whose name is terror finds it ideal to strike and hit you the hardest.

Get united and neutralize the next terror attack.

Terrorize terror with your integrated might.

Appreciate the efforts and pains taken by our Home Minister P Chidambaram and all security personnel and offer unconditional support.

Strengthen the global mass movement against terror.

Isolate the destructive elements.

Jai Maharashtra! Jai Hind! Jai Planet Earth!


'What is your name?'
'My Name Is Khan!'
'What's your problem?'
'I don't know! I'm only a film made for people to see! But they are fighting, preventing and lobbying over me! Have they gone nuts or few of them having nothing meaningful to do?'

'What is your name?'
'My name is Mumbai! The capital of Maharashtra, the financial capital of India, the Bollywood of world cinema, the business hub of the globe!'
'What's your problem?'
'I don't know! Some blockheads have restricted my reach or rather tried to! Why don't they understand that to really restrict me they must close all airports, all sea or river ports, all bus or railway stations, all roadways; then fence me up and all prisoners live happily ever after!'

'What is your name?'
'My name is India!'
'What's your problem?'
'My friend, my problems are many. Latest one is that some tried to cut a vital organ out of my bo…

Team India: Hardly No.1 Stuff!

That Team India were without Dravid, Laxman and Yuvraj hardly gave the all-important excuses. This was simply not performance expected from a No.1 team who liked to occupy the spot for a long time. Australia's and even South Africa's reserve players always came good in need and this is what make them the fittest contenders for the No.1 spot.

Why then all the din about encouraging and nurturing young players in India? Well, the most important consideration here is making money and continuing to do so. They, the Board, want young players for the entertaining varieties of the game like the ODIs and T20. Anyway, Dravid and Laxman were already discarded from ODIs due to age, but since they still have resale value they still play in T20. So logically they cannot depend on them to deliver in Test cricket. If you find it paradoxical just ask the Board.

Here is a solution! Henceforth all cricket in India must be permanently linked to entertainment industry. Give breaks to new 'her…

Food Inflation: Sugar Positive!

With the food inflation of India raging at over 17.5% common people do not know what to eat or not to eat and the government does not know what to do. Recently there had been shifting of responsibility from one to the other.

Greatly concerned, the Prime Minister today held a meeting with the state Chief Ministers of India and assured that the worst was over. There are huge stocks of staple foods like wheat and rice and the situation will be under control soon, he stated. The Prime Minister also warned the black marketers against holding back stocks and that stringent action would be taken against the guilty.

In the midst of all these one national political party gave the most practical piece of advice possible. 'Eat less sugar, death won't come because of that!' 'Better,if you reduce sugar you won't have diabetes!' ' Let increase in sugar prices serve you better!' While in Assam recently some friends confessed to me that this inflation had given them…