Food Inflation: Sugar Positive!

With the food inflation of India raging at over 17.5% common people do not know what to eat or not to eat and the government does not know what to do. Recently there had been shifting of responsibility from one to the other.

Greatly concerned, the Prime Minister today held a meeting with the state Chief Ministers of India and assured that the worst was over. There are huge stocks of staple foods like wheat and rice and the situation will be under control soon, he stated. The Prime Minister also warned the black marketers against holding back stocks and that stringent action would be taken against the guilty.

In the midst of all these one national political party gave the most practical piece of advice possible. 'Eat less sugar, death won't come because of that!' 'Better,if you reduce sugar you won't have diabetes!' ' Let increase in sugar prices serve you better!' While in Assam recently some friends confessed to me that this inflation had given them a unique opportunity to either give up or reduce sugar intake! Care noticing such positive vibes oozing out of a negative phenomenon!

Considering the spread of diabetes in India the political party said it right! But, what about flour, rice, pulses and vegetables? Have mercy!


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