Marriage in Reverse Motion?

One of the endless serials in a colorful TV channel recently hit upon a brilliant idea! This is bound to save you time tension and legal hassles. All estranged couples take delight!

If you want to run away from your wedlock never bother about divorce and courts and lawyers. Follow what the serial offers you and be a winner.

Just arrange the same marriage ceremony. But in reverse order. Take off the garlands from each others throats. Sit before the holy sacrificial fire inside the ceremonial canopy-both of you- and take the opposite vow that you cannot carry on with this holy bandhan or tie. If you are the groom then rub off the Sindoor or vermilion from the bride's forehead. Mutual denials of wedding rings and ornaments.

Both of you stand up. Take the saat phere around the fire alright, but in reverse order--going backwards. Finally, get someone to untie the wedlock.

And, you are free birds! Maybe the serial did not digest the immense potential of its panacea fully. Because, for the most horribly estranged couple of the serial itself this panacea was not suggested or applied at all!

Though basically a Hindu criterion, this can easily be expanded to other sects and clans. Everyone has wedding ceremonies. Just organize the ceremonies again, but in reverse motion!

That easy! What?