Team India: Hardly No.1 Stuff!

That Team India were without Dravid, Laxman and Yuvraj hardly gave the all-important excuses. This was simply not performance expected from a No.1 team who liked to occupy the spot for a long time. Australia's and even South Africa's reserve players always came good in need and this is what make them the fittest contenders for the No.1 spot.

Why then all the din about encouraging and nurturing young players in India? Well, the most important consideration here is making money and continuing to do so. They, the Board, want young players for the entertaining varieties of the game like the ODIs and T20. Anyway, Dravid and Laxman were already discarded from ODIs due to age, but since they still have resale value they still play in T20. So logically they cannot depend on them to deliver in Test cricket. If you find it paradoxical just ask the Board.

Here is a solution! Henceforth all cricket in India must be permanently linked to entertainment industry. Give breaks to new 'heroes', give them all the money and make them earn more money for you. IPL T20 matches are of three hours each and they are already hailed as cricket movies! For the IPL Season-3 movie theaters are planning to telecast the matches live in the big screens along with popcorn-cola! Why bore people with five endless days of cricket or even one full day of mindless cricket?

Indian cricketers are to be called now 'entertaining T20 movie super models' Now Showing: the latest sensational Cricket Movie! Starring... Book in advance! Don't dare to miss it!


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