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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Crispy Maya Of Mayawati!

It's all maya, you know! Maya meaning 'illusion'. Since ancient times Indian sages have been telling us that the visual materialistic world is all maya, reality lies beyond that.

Mayawati--lady politician from north India--seems to have taken all pains to reaffirm this ultimate truth. She decided to wear a garland worth 50 million rupees and made entirely of hard currency notes of 1000 denomination. By this unique unprecedented lunatic act Mayawati intended telling you the simple truth 'Forget about money! What hard cash can give you after all! Live in reality and continue to do so! Like this garland shows, it's all meaningless! Have a peaceful and meaningful life, trust me!'

But the moot point in Mayawati's maya is what happens to the currency notes finally. Maya would definitely not discard them due to maya. She would definitely like to convert them into reality--sweet hardy cashy reality. For reality's sake, the income tax department is already inquiring about the source of this money.

What? Going over your head? You see this is Camus-Koestler-Naipaul kind of stuff. Not for commoners like you and me. We can only say if Mayawati is supposed to represent the backward poor classes then why not just distribute the hard cash to them?

Have more and more garlands, wear it in all splendor and then throw them away to the poor. Reality bytes!

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