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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Do You Believe In Ghosts? 2

My grandfather, Indreswar Chakravarty, was a very learned man, though he had the opportunity to study only up to matriculation level. He was a scholar in Sanskrit language and always gave time to interpret and analyze ancient Sanskrit scriptures. He wrote articles regularly and published one book too in late years.

He had a perfect sense of reasoning and a logical mind. He used to tell me that he had had numerous paranormal experiences and he tried to explain or justify or negate everyone of them. But, some of them remained as they were. Here is one of them.

One fine morning my grandfather was reading a book in the sitting room. On being called by his name he looked up towards the doorway. A very well dressed strikingly handsome young man was standing there and asking for a glass of water. Failing to recognize him Grandpa requested him to sit and turned to the sideways table to pour a glass of water. In a moment he faced the young man with the glass ready.

The young man had vanished. He was not just there, not anywhere. It was absolutely physically impossible for him to disappear in that short time period. Just to make certain Grandpa checked the frontal lane and the backyard. No, dissolved into thin air!

He never saw the young man again in his life and could never trace him to any event.

More to come...!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The IPL Scandal Cry!

Everybody, the media in particular, has been crying hoarse over the IPL controversy in relation to the formation of a new franchise, Kochi (a city of Southern India).

Why, when you deal in such huge huge money disputes quarrels controversies scandals and so on are bound to happen. Maybe things were under wraps so far and since this time a minister was involved it blew the lid. Again, India is not the only country where favoritism nepotism corruption and unholy nexus are held in high esteem.

Two new teams, Kochi and Pune, were auctioned recently for astronomical prices, even higher than the IPL Commissioner expected! There might be a time soon when every billionaire of the world would want to buy an IPL team or to have stakes in it. The money game is all set to accelerate further. With formation of new and newer teams the tournament duration will have to be increased from current 2 months to 3-6 months or maybe for a full year and it will fast become a deadly war of Business Vs Loyalty. Rivalries and scandals will be the order of the day. The esteemed values mentioned above will have added dimensions.

How much cricket is likely to be retained by IPL only time can tell. Meantime, get set to enjoy more and more of scandals with  some toppings of cricket thrown in!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Well, basically you have no choice. If you believe you cannot prove it. If you don't believe you cannot prove it either. Then, based on varied personal experiences you just cannot deny the most potent invisible world. Once you accept the existence of the invisible world there will definitely be inhabitants in it. You call them anything; ghosts or good or evil forces or energies.

In our native village in eastern Assam, India, we had our house with a huge campus with ponds both in the front and back side. My grandfather, Indreswar Chakravarty who lived up to the ripe age of 97, was a cultivator and a very hard worker. His work meant everything to him and he never bothered about the ghosts or anything. He used to go out with a sword when he sensed tigers prowling around the cowshed late at night. So, he had no fear in his mind to have what you may call hallucinations.

And, ghosts or spirits were like normal inhabitants of the house. He and my grandmother saw them almost every day. Just before supper time my grandmother would walk to the pond to wash her hands and while coming back she would often see herself entering the kitchen. Such things were very common and accepted as normal.

Big trees in the village roads used to be haunted by  dignified elderly gentleman ghosts and many had many experiences. Crossing a sharp turning in the lonely village road late at night people reported their bicycles being pulled to one side. Once carrying a big fish on his bicycle carrier one villager felt his fish being pulled violently in the same direction. Panic struck, he shouted 'My fish! Someone is stealing my fish!'. Villagers came out with lights and weapons. And, his fish was saved.

Expect more soon!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rajasthan Royals Vs Deccan Chargers: A Classic Tale Of Cricket!

A cricket match where it no longer mattered what format it belonged to. Test or fifty overs or twenty overs! If you want to know, it was an IPL T20 match played on April 5 at Nagpur, India.

Both teams--Rajasthan Royals(RR) and Deccan Chargers(DC)--were desperate for win. The pitch was slowish and was not easy to bat on. The batsmen had to dig in to play major innings. It offered something for the bowlers--both spinners and pacers--despite all the crippling restrictions imposed on them thanks to T20 IPL cricket. Fours and sixes were normalized and genuine gripping cricket played.

RR scored 159 all out in 19.5 overs. A fighting total considering the conditions. And, RR had the stamp of never losing a match defending 150 or more. DC bowlers, prominently RP Singh excelled.

DC seemed to be cruising midway. But then, the 40 year old wonder called Shane Warne got possessed as on many occasions of his illustrious career and took four wickets on a trot making way for a cricket match of glorious uncertainties and nail biting suspense.  Only Rohit Sharma of DC kept on trying for victory and nearly achieved it with just 6 runs needed in 6 ball. But RR youngster pacer Trivedi, inspired by Warne, took 3 wickets in that last eventful over and got Rohit in the penultimate ball with 2 runs needed for victory and 1 for tie.

DC scored 157 all out in exactly 19.5 overs too! RR won by 2 runs!

Long Live Cricket!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Sania Connection!

In the midst of terror attacks and talks, charges and counter charges, leg pulling and bullying and lobbying the bragging boys called India and Pakistan suddenly face up to the immense challenge of becoming in-laws!

Sania Mirza, the tennis star of India, has decided to wed Shoaib Malik, the cricket star of Pakistan.

And all hell breaks loose.

The tennis authority of Pakistan had already declared that Sania will now play for them.

Her Indian lawyer insisted that Sania will continue playing for India.

Father of Shoaib's first wife(?) threatens to sue him while Shoaib dismisses this as allegations and threatens to file a suit too. The mystery is deepening day by day.

Parents of Shoaib have expressed their displeasure Sania wearing skirts and playing tennis.

Protectors of the Indian heritage have given the judgment that Sania is 'no longer Indian'.

The would be couple reportedly plans to settle in Dubai.

Why not leave them in peace! Why not wish them Happy Wedding.
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