Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Well, basically you have no choice. If you believe you cannot prove it. If you don't believe you cannot prove it either. Then, based on varied personal experiences you just cannot deny the most potent invisible world. Once you accept the existence of the invisible world there will definitely be inhabitants in it. You call them anything; ghosts or good or evil forces or energies.

In our native village in eastern Assam, India, we had our house with a huge campus with ponds both in the front and back side. My grandfather, Indreswar Chakravarty who lived up to the ripe age of 97, was a cultivator and a very hard worker. His work meant everything to him and he never bothered about the ghosts or anything. He used to go out with a sword when he sensed tigers prowling around the cowshed late at night. So, he had no fear in his mind to have what you may call hallucinations.

And, ghosts or spirits were like normal inhabitants of the house. He and my grandmother saw them almost every day. Just before supper time my grandmother would walk to the pond to wash her hands and while coming back she would often see herself entering the kitchen. Such things were very common and accepted as normal.

Big trees in the village roads used to be haunted by  dignified elderly gentleman ghosts and many had many experiences. Crossing a sharp turning in the lonely village road late at night people reported their bicycles being pulled to one side. Once carrying a big fish on his bicycle carrier one villager felt his fish being pulled violently in the same direction. Panic struck, he shouted 'My fish! Someone is stealing my fish!'. Villagers came out with lights and weapons. And, his fish was saved.

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