Rajasthan Royals Vs Deccan Chargers: A Classic Tale Of Cricket!

A cricket match where it no longer mattered what format it belonged to. Test or fifty overs or twenty overs! If you want to know, it was an IPL T20 match played on April 5 at Nagpur, India.

Both teams--Rajasthan Royals(RR) and Deccan Chargers(DC)--were desperate for win. The pitch was slowish and was not easy to bat on. The batsmen had to dig in to play major innings. It offered something for the bowlers--both spinners and pacers--despite all the crippling restrictions imposed on them thanks to T20 IPL cricket. Fours and sixes were normalized and genuine gripping cricket played.

RR scored 159 all out in 19.5 overs. A fighting total considering the conditions. And, RR had the stamp of never losing a match defending 150 or more. DC bowlers, prominently RP Singh excelled.

DC seemed to be cruising midway. But then, the 40 year old wonder called Shane Warne got possessed as on many occasions of his illustrious career and took four wickets on a trot making way for a cricket match of glorious uncertainties and nail biting suspense.  Only Rohit Sharma of DC kept on trying for victory and nearly achieved it with just 6 runs needed in 6 ball. But RR youngster pacer Trivedi, inspired by Warne, took 3 wickets in that last eventful over and got Rohit in the penultimate ball with 2 runs needed for victory and 1 for tie.

DC scored 157 all out in exactly 19.5 overs too! RR won by 2 runs!

Long Live Cricket!


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