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Why We Always Wait For A Tragedy!

The Mangalore runway, called as table top one, was always fraught with danger. But nowhere nobody was concerned about that. One hundred fifty eight people had to die horribly to draw attention to this fact. On 22nd May at 6.30 am the Dubai-Mangalore Air India Express Flight overshot the runway by 2000 feet and crashed into the gorges that surround the airstrip. Now only we know about. So many people including experts and air crew talked about the dangers of this table top runway. 'If offered no margin for error, the slightest mistake by pilots and hundreds of lives were always in danger.' Why no precautions were taken earlier to prevent this? Why do we wake up only after a tragedy of immense proportions happens? And after knowing it what is going to be done? Flights are still landing at and taking off from Mangalore airstrip. Do we need some more disasters? And, within three days of the accident, the Air India staff has gone on strike demanding more pay. SHAME!

Look! Team India!

Look at the jubilation and ecstasy of the new T20 World Champions! What a moment! Of pride, extreme happiness and satisfaction. A moment shared by all their countrymen! You feel one, you feel a nation, you feel a national mission accomplished! How they fought for such a moment! They played like one fully integrated unit. They had the determination to excel in everything--batting, bowling and fielding. If you noticed them from the beginning of the tournament you must have made them your world champions already as I did so and got proud of my decision. England fully deserved the moment! Heartiest congratulations! Your IPL money cannot buy you such moments, Team India! Play for your country and reap the rewards of your countryman's love pride and support. Your dirty millions can only make you corrupt sick wasted and  most unwanted! Learn your lessions! Time is not on your side!

What's Wrong With Team India's Tactics?

West Indies --the land of fast bowling and bouncy pitches. The International Cricket Council T20 World Cup is being played here from April 30. And, at the Super Eight level Team India seems to have lost all reason and sanity. They put the focus on spinners--that too part time--and opted for just two pacers on such bouncy wickets. They had taken an extra batsman to increase batting strength. And yet, they had opted to field first winning the toss against Australia and helped them generously to get to a big total. They lost that first Super Eight match. Faced with a do or die situation today, the 9th of May, they did exactly the same against the West Indies--winning the toss again and deciding to field again. It's common logic that if you have a strong batting side you bat first and build a huge total. In crunch games the chasing side is always under pressure even with low totals like Pakistan failed against New Zealand by one run. Then again, if you want to play spinners you

The Political Circus of a Strike!

The Mumbai Motormen Strike made national headlines today--stalling even the Parliament. As usual, the motormen of Mumbai local trains wanted more pay and more facilities. They gave an ultimatum four days ago and that news was also carried by media. And as usual, no serious thoughts were given to it. So they struck work on the afternoon of May 3, 2010 and Mumbai, with its lifelines halted, came to a standstill.  Thousands got stranded in different local railway stations, eager to go home and agitated at not being able to do so. Extra buses were provided, but that only led to massive traffic snarls. Thousands spent the night either in stations or offices or streets. The political parties initially supported the motormen, because they cannot afford to hurt potential voters. But when they saw millions suffering, they turned turtle. The opposition parties disrupted the Parliament sessions announcing that till trains start running in Mumbai, Parliament must not run on. Regional parti