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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Indo-Pak Thriller After a Long Time!

Along with FIFA World Cup football matches every evening in India, today we had a bonus of an India-Pakistan Onedayer in the ongoing Asia Cup cricket championship in Sri Lanka.

Like always, the match was tense intense fluctuating and edge of the seat suspense. Finally India won thanks to Harbhajan hitting a six in the penultimate ball of the final over. A reminder of the Javed Miandad last ball six winner at that historic Sharjah match against India in 1986.

Watching football at the same time one is reminded of a basic difference between the two games. No, not those that of rules or fan following.

It's the commercial breaks! Once a soccer match starts you are blissfully free of commercial breaks for 45 minutes. No breaks can afford to break in--not during goal kicks, free kicks, throw ins, corners, penalties or after scoring goals. Not even during injury intervals. Only at half time breaks come when you can also take a break!

But oh cricket! After every over, after every wicket falls, after players get injured or during mid-field discussions about game plan--breaks come flooding in. At the peak of your excitement as to what will happen next, the breaks make you feel like a fool! If Lalit Modi comes back he will definitely try introducing breaks after every ball which will ensure at least 500 extra commercials in every match multiplied by......only Modi can tell you that! In fact, he tried this in IPL-3 T20 format to some extent!

But at the moment, it's best of both the worlds! Better enjoy and not think too much!

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