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Monday, August 30, 2010

Pakistan Cricket Fixing: The Indian Link?

Finally Cricket has got a huge resounding SLAP right and square it had deserved for so long! Hats off to that epic sting! And kudos to Times Now for doing a brilliant expose relentlessly and continuously! Yeah, The Rot Is Out, but the sleaze is only oozing out! Tip of the iceberg!

Time and again Pakistan cricketers get on getting caught on cricket fixing innings galore. But this time it's big real and brazen. This will go a long long way before cricket or politics win!

It's Pakistan of course, but why only one Indian link? It's bound to link all the way to India! BECAUSE, India's got the numbers, India's got the craze, India's got the market, India's got the money, India's got the IPLs, India's got the money spinning flat mockery of pitches and India's got the fixing mixing politics!

And, to get the Indian links exposed would be kind of a Mission Impossible. You know why!

Only time or hopefully Times Now will tell!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Cricket Is Equal To Commerce!"

"India and Sri Lanka conveniently reached the final of Sri Lanka Cricket ODI Tri-series-2010 and that was all that mattered. Sri Lanka had to be in the finals for doing home marketing. India had to be in the finals for doing all the marketing put together. All the wanted money being earned and swallowed what finally happened in the final was hardly of any relevance.

That India lost in no way made the profit lesser. Just imagine a final without India! It's the worst nightmare possible for any commerce minded person.

With the coming of one day cricket big money really came into the game. But more the money more greedy one becomes. So, they created a short cut to money by introducing IPL or short cut cricket called T20. Now they have best of both the worlds provided India oblige. To balance the limited with short cut they even introduced ground-diggers in recent times by having ads crushing and hammering the live field. For this they wanted only a long shot in between balls.How does it matter if some replays, wicket falls, runs or even fours are robbed away to welcome more commerce?

But, die hard fools that we are, we still think about cricket! What short cuts have done to Team India are forced upon our hapless minds as follows:

  • Team India needs more and more rest. So much rest that they would rather fight it out. 
  • Indian cricketers can hardly last for fifty overs. Why the hell? In Tests, OK, the seniors are there to play cricket.
  • In short cuts, Team India cannot afford to have the seniors around, because cricket could be imposed on them.
  • That IPL was meant to groom young talents became a myth. The so called young talents are just pawns in the hands of marketers. 
  • Tests and one-dayers must be abolished to pave the way for a most powerful cricket commerce and to help Indian cricketers to have all the money and all the rest.
In near future we can hopefully expect cricket to blissfully merge into commerce and then we can have only cricketing breaks for all TV programs.  All is well?"

Who said it? Anybody?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cricket: Say NO To Century!

Suraj Randiv made a new beginning in modern aggressive cricketing history.

Many of us hardly knew about this rule of counting just one run for the no ball when scores are level and not bothering about how the ball was played or what happened to it.

When you cannot win, at least you try to make it hard for the opposition to achieve it or when someone is nearing a century try to prevent it with attacking field positions and bouncers and like that--was so far the mantra for aggressive cricket. Now a new kind of aggression had been added thanks to Randiv or Dilshan or Sangakkara.

Doing it for the first time the deliberation could not be hidden and it was too obvious which started the huge controversy. And so, action had to be taken in the name of 'spirit of cricket'.

But from now onwards bowlers will concentrate on hiding the deliberate act and will try the no-ball method as and when the opportunity is given.

Poor Sehwag missed a most well  deserved match winning century. But, more are likely to join him in the near future without having even the opportunity to doubt it or speculate or debate or comment or tweet or ridicule the act.

Beware!        .

Friday, August 13, 2010

India's Got Idiots!

Your cursing someone as 'idiot!' has of late lost all sting thanks to the super movie called '3 Idiots'. Now, 'idiot' has assumed new meaning, prestige and heritage.

Being 'idiotic' will now mean being genius or planning something superb. This up-gradation is all set to revamp our society, values, perceptions, inceptions and conceptions. If someone growls at you calling you an 'idiot', you will cry out in ecstasy!  The growling party will be at the receiving end.

Private TV channels must capitalize on this! What are they waiting for? They must launch nation wide events like 'Idiot No1 Contest', 'India's Got Idiots', 'Who Will Become the Biggest Idiot', 'The Idiot of Idiots', 'The Idiot Champ!' and soooooooo on! There must also be huge cash awards for the best idiots. This would ensure economic up-gradation of the idiots too!

Well, pay heed to this advice! Your reality shows have already created a whole generation of idiots. Now, pick on them and recycle!

And, if you finally do so, don't forget me! You see, I have copyrighted this idea!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Go Grab 'Common' Wealth!

They got it all wrong! They should have been proud of getting the opportunity to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India, but instead they concentrated only on making the extra buck from what they thought 'the common pool of wealth'! They not only helped themselves but also generouly filled the pockets of their near and dear ones!

It became so loud that one of them had to resign. But this has to be only the beginning of the end. These unpatriotic corrupt crooks must go, else give the Games to any other willing country.

Like many others of the world the Indians have in them the hungry urge to make the extra buck, by hook or by crook! They are hardly interested in getting money that is legitimately due for their services. They want to forget about that part of money and start joining all kinds of rackets, sydicates, dens. and the pest!

But at least for a change when the country's pride is involved they should concentrate only on playing the perfect host and not on the loot from the common wealth! They can make their money at will later, because in a country of corrupt beings scope for looting is rampantly available at every step!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Out On A Drive In A Rainy Day!

For two days incessant rains lashed Mumbai--starting from the night of 30th July.

Yesterday, the 1st of August, it was continuously raining since early morning. The sky was heavy with black clouds. But we had to set out to Akurdi, a town near Pune, for a musical function where Ragini was to perform. We left around 8am, myself, Ragini and a tabla player. I was in the driving seat. 

And, it was a drive to remember on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. 

We encountered beautiful nature at every step of the way. The black clouds pouring drizzling and scattering rains all the time. The tireless wipers succeeded in giving us an uninterrupted wet view of the surroundings. The heavy dark sky silhouetted the lush greenery and the darker green hills in  riveting contrast. Passing cars raised white foamy bursts every time.

When ascending near Lonavla the clouds came down and touched the hills.  We were driving through the clouds and it was exhilarating! The occasional tunnels provided temporary breaks from the panoramic expanse making it more exciting. 

We enjoyed bountiful nature all the way to our destination. From our hearts we thanked mother nature and also the tremendous engineering efforts that made this super expressway possible.

When we reached it was still wet heavy and dark. But what a contrast that provided to our car ride! A drive to cherish for a long time! 

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