"Cricket Is Equal To Commerce!"

"India and Sri Lanka conveniently reached the final of Sri Lanka Cricket ODI Tri-series-2010 and that was all that mattered. Sri Lanka had to be in the finals for doing home marketing. India had to be in the finals for doing all the marketing put together. All the wanted money being earned and swallowed what finally happened in the final was hardly of any relevance.

That India lost in no way made the profit lesser. Just imagine a final without India! It's the worst nightmare possible for any commerce minded person.

With the coming of one day cricket big money really came into the game. But more the money more greedy one becomes. So, they created a short cut to money by introducing IPL or short cut cricket called T20. Now they have best of both the worlds provided India oblige. To balance the limited with short cut they even introduced ground-diggers in recent times by having ads crushing and hammering the live field. For this they wanted only a long shot in between balls.How does it matter if some replays, wicket falls, runs or even fours are robbed away to welcome more commerce?

But, die hard fools that we are, we still think about cricket! What short cuts have done to Team India are forced upon our hapless minds as follows:

  • Team India needs more and more rest. So much rest that they would rather fight it out. 
  • Indian cricketers can hardly last for fifty overs. Why the hell? In Tests, OK, the seniors are there to play cricket.
  • In short cuts, Team India cannot afford to have the seniors around, because cricket could be imposed on them.
  • That IPL was meant to groom young talents became a myth. The so called young talents are just pawns in the hands of marketers. 
  • Tests and one-dayers must be abolished to pave the way for a most powerful cricket commerce and to help Indian cricketers to have all the money and all the rest.
In near future we can hopefully expect cricket to blissfully merge into commerce and then we can have only cricketing breaks for all TV programs.  All is well?"

Who said it? Anybody?


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