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Monday, October 25, 2010

Sardarji Jokes! Laugh At Yourself!

In India ethnic stereotype jokes have been common. The most popular and widespread among them are the Sardarji jokes. Sardarji is the male stereotype of the Sikh community--a religious community known for its bravery, chivalry and extreme hard work over the centuries. Their state Punjab is one of the most prosperous in India. 

There are many theories why jokes have been made at their expense; there have been many protests by the Sikh community on different occasions; but, it has been widely agreed upon that basically all these jokes are good nature humor and that many other ethnic stereotypes are also available for cutting jokes at in India including the south Indians, particular business communities  and particular professions.

The most positive attribute of Sardarji jokes is that stalwarts like Khuswant Singh  and other Sikh personalities themselves wrote so many lucid  Sardar jokes. This proves the sterling quality of the Sikhs 'to laugh at themselves'. For proper understanding and appreciation of humor everyone should definitely imbibe this capability. I have found many of my Sikh colleagues totally partaking in and enjoying such jokes.

Well, just thought about this issue and would like to have inputs from readers.

Let the humor flow on. Just not being able to  avoid mentioning one classic joke. One noted Sikh politician of yore was once to deliver a public speech which was to last for roughly ten minutes. But at the actual eventuality the leader's speech went on and on for more than thirty minutes. Top bureaucrats were confused. How did it happen? The slip was found by the personal assistant at last. By mistake three copies of the same speech were given to the leader!

Jai Ho!

Friday, October 22, 2010

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Grand Suceess to Commonwealth Games, Now Tackling Shame!

Very healthy that the grand success of the Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi has not been allowed to bypass the shame that plagued it till the last minute. The Government of India appointed an inquiry committee the very next morning after the closing night. The message is loud and clear. No wrongdoer would be spared. The committee is asked to submit the report in three months.

Thanks to tremendous performance of the Indian athletes and players leading to a recording breaking tally of 38 gold medals the Games would be remembered ever by Indian people. Thanks to the Government of India and the Government of Delhi pitching in at the eleventh hour the pride of India has been salvaged. The world media has been all praise for the Games including the spectacular inaugural ceremony and for all purpose India has arrived now thinking about hosting the Olympic Games.

One thing remains. The time all committees take or are given to submit the reports. Why three months? Such committees take ages and finally submit reports running into thousands of pages, be it in the field of Indian justice or in regard to disasters or in any other sectors. The public is hardly benefited. They expect justice to be delivered quickly and for them two pages highlighting the basic points are enough. It's a moot point if anybody ever goes through searching for the needle in a haystack.

Anyway, grand success or not, the guilty must be punished. Sooner the better.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

IPL Bashing!

Yesterday the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) scrapped two of the Indian Premier League franchises for irregularities. This mammoth task was possible only because of the irresistible urge to keep Lalit Modi out of cricket business.

There are many reactions--mostly from the investing business tycoons who cried most foul. Like Vijay Mallya, the liquor baron, who said investors should be respected. Well, why the investors want live human beings to put their money on nowadays!

Seeing the reactions I thought I would also react!

I am not at all happy with the decision! Why only two teams--namely Rajashtan Royals and Kings Eleven Punjab--have been scrapped? Why not scrap all of them? If all the teams were scrapped the IPL tournament itself would have been scrapped! And, that would have been a great service for the future of the beautiful game of cricket!

Save cricket!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Australia vs. India: The Giants Vote For Test Cricket!

What a nail biting finish! What a match! And, Team India won it too!

A suspense packed cricket test is not a rare phenomenon as myopic people think being constantly hammered by the propagators of the short or shortest forms of cricket. You see, cricket commentators or experts cannot be believed nowadays! Because they are hopelessly caught in the web of Boards, Brands and Bucks! What they say belongs to a particular moment and you forget it next. If they had written the obituary of Test Cricket on numerous occasions they had compulsions to do so!

Anyway, a classic game of cricket with ups and downs, unpredictable twists and turns, a collection of bad umpiring decisions and almost unbearable suspense on the last day today, October 5, 2010, Mohali . The first test of Ind-Aus Series in India.

Australia won the toss and naturally elected to bat because on Indian pitches the last day is always supposed to be heaven for spinners and nightmarish for batsmen. Aus went on smoothly, had a slump midway and then fought back to get 428, almost a winning total. India started in good earnest and looked to get a sizeable lead. But Aus cut it short and enjoyed a tiny lead of 23 runs. The match was set up tantalizingly with last two days to go.

Second innings, Aussies raced on looking good for a big target. But Indian bowlers fought gloriously to get them all-out for 192.  So, Team India needed 216 runs to win with ample time left.

But on the evening of the fourth day India lost four key wickets and…hoping against hope for Indian crowds.

On the last day today India at 124/8, the match was nearly gone. But an unlikely batting hero Ishant Sarma dug himself in with Very Very Special Laxman and added 81 runs. Then a bad decision again and the last Indian batsman was in with 11 runs to go! The ultimate climax set in and India finally won by 1 wicket!

Say Hurray for Test Cricket!

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Ayodhya File!

The suspense was more unbearable than in an Ind-Pak one day international cricket match. The wait was agonizing fraught with apprehension. Some sources reported that millions of bucks exchanged hands on betting over the verdict!

Our newsroom, maybe many more all over India, was crowded with eager staff, and editors trying to get the details for the coming bulletin. There was din in the TV monitors and pin drop silence in the usually noisy newsroom. Nobody wanted to wait any longer. Out with it and end it all!

For over sixty years the Ayodhya Temple-Mosque issue continued unabated with the bloody riots in 1992-93--a languishing scar that anyone would ever be able to forget or forgive. Nobody wanted a repeat of that.

It started at the appointed 3.30pm and by 4.45pm bits and pieces were coming in. The announced websites refused to open all the time. At last, the three judge Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court delivered justice.

A verdict that could not afford to please or hurt any party too much.The three parties got three parts of the disputed site at Ayodhya. All the parties seemed to be accepting it, but two parties later announced decision to appeal in the Supreme Court.

The Indian Union and state governments' intense efforts to maintain peace paid off with no untoward incident reported from any quarters. The bubbly city of Mumbai wore a deserted look in the evening with empty streets, buses and railway stations. Only natural. Who could ever forget the killings, arson and bomb blasts in this very city, January-March, 1993.

Though litigation is bound to go on, let's hope that the Ayodhya File is finally closed.  
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