Sardarji Jokes! Laugh At Yourself!

In India ethnic stereotype jokes have been common. The most popular and widespread among them are the Sardarji jokes. Sardarji is the male stereotype of the Sikh community--a religious community known for its bravery, chivalry and extreme hard work over the centuries. Their state Punjab is one of the most prosperous in India. 

There are many theories why jokes have been made at their expense; there have been many protests by the Sikh community on different occasions; but, it has been widely agreed upon that basically all these jokes are good nature humor and that many other ethnic stereotypes are also available for cutting jokes at in India including the south Indians, particular business communities  and particular professions.

The most positive attribute of Sardarji jokes is that stalwarts like Khuswant Singh  and other Sikh personalities themselves wrote so many lucid  Sardar jokes. This proves the sterling quality of the Sikhs 'to laugh at themselves'. For proper understanding and appreciation of humor everyone should definitely imbibe this capability. I have found many of my Sikh colleagues totally partaking in and enjoying such jokes.

Well, just thought about this issue and would like to have inputs from readers.

Let the humor flow on. Just not being able to  avoid mentioning one classic joke. One noted Sikh politician of yore was once to deliver a public speech which was to last for roughly ten minutes. But at the actual eventuality the leader's speech went on and on for more than thirty minutes. Top bureaucrats were confused. How did it happen? The slip was found by the personal assistant at last. By mistake three copies of the same speech were given to the leader!

Jai Ho!


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