Lucky Oye!

One day stopping my car at a busy traffic signal a lottery ticket seller came up to me. He was gesticulating displaying a whole bunch of tickets for my kind consent. Never a believer in my lottery luck I politely declined. Disappointed, the seller kept the bunch on my car bonnet and began rearranging them. Then he moved forward. But, moments later he rushed back pointing to a ticket lying on the car bonnet. He picked it up looking at me very meaningfully and waved the ticket towards me saying, ‘This ticket belongs to you, Sir! Don’t let this opportunity slip away!’  As the signal became green and I drove forward slowly furious thoughts invaded my mind. Was that a good omen? Should I have bought it? Damn it! Now it's gone and lost!

A few days later the same incident happened again and I seemed to recognize the seller boy too. This time I noticed one ticket left behind on my car bonnet and observed him closely. He took a few steps away and then suddenly stopped, sorted out the tickets and seemed to miss something. Same time I honked for him. He came back, picked up the ticket and asked me to slide down my window glass. He began pestering me to buy the ticket, because that belonged to me along with the millions written on it.

As I drove forward I was sure this time. No coincidence, no good omen! That was a marvelous piece of salesmanship. They act and enact to make you buy a ticket. The first incident was no longer a riddle. I could not help laugh out loud! 


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