Celebration Times: Let Good Win Over Evil!

Christmas on and the year 2010 about to come to a close it’s celebration times indeed! We all must celebrate, but in a most positive and inspiring way. Celebrate with a difference and inspire others to fall in line.

At the same time it’s reviewing times too. You must take stock of the year about to vanish into eternity. What good you achieved and what mistakes you made in the year. You have to build up on your achievements and learn from your mistakes to start the New Year.

Year 2010 constantly reminds you of scams and high level corruption if you are an Indian. Good that just at close the Scam Emperor of 2G Spectrum and the Kingpin of Commonwealth Games corruption have been finally nailed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The CBI has huge task to perform in 2011 and it definitely needs your best wishes and support. The Adarsh Society Scam and others are just lurking in the corner to be tackled. Punishment must follow crimes.

Few terrorists have also reported entered Mumbai and other places of India to carry on their kind of celebration of destruction and killing of innocent citizens. They must be stopped and brought to justice. The central and state governments of India definitely need your best wishes and support.

Apart from scams, corruption and terror common people have been plagued by raging inflation throughout the year. We hope the Government of India’s promise of falling price rise by March end in the New Year comes true.

So, celebrate in such a way that the New Year 2011 fulfills all your hopes and aspirations. Celebrate in such a way that good prevails over evil and evil is crushed beyond recognition.

Happy New Year 2011!


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