Self Promoters!

Self promoters are a fast breeding species of modern times prying on your creative wealth. Like parasites they take away all credit for your creative work. When they team up for mutual promotion they are the most potently dangerous one.

A friend of mine told me such a story. My friend was assigned a job recently by his boss. Inspired by the trust he made a proposal and did everything possible on earth to make it a grand success. He chose his team taking colleagues with proven talent and the execution went off very fine and fulfilling.

But when my friend presented the final product for approval his boss refused to comment on it and instead looked for his team colleagues and praised them unequivocally. My friend persisted in his efforts to elicit a comment and on his third try the boss while turning away said it was very nice. He was very hurt and perplexed. ‘Very Nice’ comment was not meant for him—the creative energy behind the project. Why? But, my friend being a simple sincere guy did not take it seriously and rejoiced for his praised team mates.

After that the boss prepared a display board of project highlights. My friend just managed to find himself in the corner of one of the numerous frames, as if by default. This time my friend was furious. Now he could see what’s what. His team mates did so much self promotion and mutual promotion after the execution that the boss totally sidelined him. My friend told me that he would see to it that the self promoters were exposed. But I doubt, knowing him to be such a kind hearted soul.

These self promoters never steal your money or physical wealth, but they thrive on your creative wealth and finally steal it so expertly from you that you are reduced to a nonentity. Don’t give your ideas to anyone.

Take guard. Beware! Make all efforts to defeat them permanently.


aarkay_c said…
creative wealth always attract self promoters...i knew few of them.. you come across.

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