World Cup Cricket Hassles: City of Sorrow?

Kolkata, the city of joy (or was it?), is fast turning into probably a city of sorrow. First, the Dada of joy Saurav Ganguly was unceremoniously unbought by Kolkata Knight Riders for IPL-4. No other team considered him either. An icon abandoned.

Now, Eden Gardens Stadium, the Mecca of Cricket in India, is on the verge of being rejected by the ICC for the Ind-Eng World Cup match on Feb 27. In fact, the ICC rejected it outright for non-completion of repair work by the set deadline. But Kolkata being what it is, the panic button was pressed in all possible high and highest centers of power. The ICC President Sharad Pawar had to give an assurance for reconsideration. But, things are in the balance.

The reasons are really beyond understanding. How is it possible? When did you first come to know that World Cup is being organized in the Indian subcontinent? Must be long long back. Then how come possibly the best stadium of the country with the capacity of more than 80 thousand ardent fans ignored like this? No explanations can explain such colossal nonchalance.

Or for the Indian cricket board what could be more important—World Cup or IPL-4? You can make the calculations and arrive at a conclusion as to which could have been expendable. For IPL-4 encounters the Eden Gardens has to be ready. Maybe there is catch in that too! Dada omitted?

Anyway after Commonwealth ShameGames this is another shame for a country priding in the wonderful game of cricket. And with all the money jingling at the cricket board coffers!


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