A Rare Tie! But With Such Bowling Forget Winning World Cup!

A target of 339 is huge one for any team on earth. Team India set that today going all out (literally) for runs against England in a world cup Group B league match today. It was good seeing India making the efforts for amassing maximum possible runs. Sachin Tendulkar gifted a sterling innings with five huge sixes making another record of scoring maximum centuries in world cups. He has now scored 98 international centuries including Tests. But that innings almost or has gone waste. Most of the later Indian batsmen tried to hit only sixes rather than looking for singles and twos. Learn guys learn!

Chasing a target of mammoth 339 England was never seen to be under any kind of pressure except for the last ten overs when Zaheer Khan delivered taking three quick wickets. They were going merry taking runs at will, so impotent was the Indian bowling. And, India opted for only four specialist bowlers out of which Chawla and Harbhajan were always suspect. In fact England spinners bowled much better than the hyped Indian ones.

This is not the way for thinking about winning the world cup. At this standard India will have to score at least 500 runs against the likes of South Africa, Australia, Sir Lanka or Pakistan and still not be sure about winning. Fielding is also listless. Act now or forget about winning the Cup. You cannot put pressure on a team after scoring 338, then how come you dare think about winning. At the knockout stage you will be knocked out against any team. Yes, South Africa chased 434 successfully against Australia, but that was only one match in a bilateral one-day series and not world cup.

Feeling sorry for England, they should have won after those incredible innings by Strauss and Trott. Okay they did not lose either.Anyway it was a match going down the wire for crowds who preferred shouting gesticulating and posing for the cameras whenever that came their way.

From tomorrow minnows take over again and we will have to wait till the weekend for big matches.


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