Pray For Japan!

The 9 point earthquake, worst ever in world history, struck Japan on Friday and then came the devastating Tsunami. In mere minutes Japan was reduced to junk, rabble and desolation. But hats off to tremendous technological advance achieved by the tiny country which saved millions of lives.

Suffering suffering and sufferings for the Japanese people. You can see and feel the pain.

The crisis is far from over. With blasts and possible more blasts in the nuclear plants the radiation factor has become a real threat. Fears are expressed like in the case of Chernobyl Nuclear Accident in 1986, but here again the high technological standards of Japan can come to the rescue. Let us pray for the Japanese to tide over the worst ever crisis after World War II.

How helpless are humans before Nature! Up to whatever extent you make progress it can be wiped out in minutes if Nature feels like it and you just cannot do anything about it. So much for the power of mankind! You make nuclear plants to generate more energy because your needs always go on increasing and increasing. But do you know enough to control the Frankenstein hidden behind? Reduce your aspirations greed and needs, O' humans! Learn how to save preserve and conserve. You are all sons and daughters of Nature. Learn to turn to your mother for love and help. At least sometimes!

One more thing. Politics, racialism, religion, business rivalries and idealistic conflicts should not come into play while helping Japan to recover. In a way, helping Japan mankind is most likely to help mankind only in the ultimate goal of saving Mother Earth.


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