A Thriller India Never Deserved To Win!

Because, from a position of supreme command, an incredible opening partnership, 99th international hundred from a master you got to a situation of 9 overs, 9 wickets and 29 runs. The matter of absolute shame is that you failed to bat through 50 overs yet again after you boast of batting strength and opt for 7 batsmen! After getting into an incredible position with 8.5 runrate you surrender the psychological advantage squarely to the opposition.

And yet, they could have won with 13 needed off the last over. But, the great skipper gave the ball to Nehra, about whom it is not even clear if he is fit or not. And not to Harbhajan who bowled excellent, fielded excellent, involved in catching and run outs and was a live wire on the field.

Time now for Raina to come in, time now for five main bowlers and time now for underplaying so called batting prowess. So far only two or three batsmen delivered in almost all matches. With so many powerful batsmen around batting order shuffling always follows. Why to send Pathan when you have proven batsmen like Kohli and Yuvraj. Somehow compelling them to go for only sixes and fours and sacrificing their wickets. If 360 was unrealistic 330 was immensely possible if they managed to bat through.

Very unfortunate that India is going backwards to a team of individual brilliance and no total effort or follow up. That they nearly won the match was thanks to total involvement of Tendulkar, Harbhajan, Kohli, Yuvraj, Zaheer Khan and substitute Raina. Skipper Dhoni was just nowhere in the match except for doing all the wrong things.

No, this is not the team who can go on to winning the world cup. I had rated them high in my writings praising them for the ability to snatch win from the jaws of defeat and the will to win. But now I have changed my opinion as the team has gone into regressive mindset. Prove me wrong!

True to the tremendous hype about this India-South Africa league encounter the match indeed was a thriller going down the wire all the way.


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