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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Corruption Vs Corruption!

Corruption has deep roots in India. To get done almost all of your mundane tasks you need to pay 'speed money' and since it's 'time is money' for you, you don't mind paying. Then, for all your requirements of life like a job, licenses, favors and windfalls you need to make bribes or payoffs which is an increasing function of priority and to be a part of a lobby or a racket. It has become almost a way of life whether you like it or not. For employment you are forced to 'buy' a job which is the prevalent practice in most of the Indian states. When someone buys a job the immediate priority for him or her is to recover the 'spent' money as quickly as possible and one cannot achieve it in the normal course of employment. So, in a way it's like being 'initiated into corruption'.

Corruption is a basic function of 'greed'. Once you have enough greed you can embark on a course of making 'money' by hook or by crook. After becoming dirty rich you need to acquire 'power'. To make power ever increasing you need to be a part of a 'lobby' or a 'racket'. The most powerful ones are thus logically the most corrupt. So we can say the most powerful lobby consists of the most corrupt.

Committees are formed to probe or investigate scams and such committees have members from different fields from politics to bureaucracy. These members could be parts of different lobbies and thus the final report of such committees will be a result of which lobby works the strongest. The strongest lobby can very well afford to buy out the members in their favor so that the final report suits them.

There is hardly a way out. Fight against corruption translates into a fight of the less corrupt or the weaker lobby against the most corrupt or the strongest lobby. Basically all the lobbies, weak or strong, indulge in a democratic farce of a fight to keep corruption firmly in place. We, the people, want corruption to end now and forever, but how can we form a lobby? Public opinion can apply pressure only temporarily, because it lacks organization and strategy to operate like a lobby. Okay, you choose the most honest ones and form a committee, but the in the very first meeting you are likely to hear voices of dissent as to who have got the positions of power and who not and why. Then, even if you have been honest all your life the most powerful ones can dig up something out of the blue and taint you permanently.

The euphoria of Anna Hazare's revolution against corruption is almost over. Now it becomes a routine of committee meetings. Three of the five civil society members are already tainted and maligned by you know who. Anna is on a Mission Impossible and for his success the masses will need to come out in the streets openly and fearlessly like in Egypt or Libya or Syria.

Meantime who will decide who is free of the lobby or the racket syndromes to constitute the 'people's committee'? Brainstorm yourself and give your thoughts.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Demise of a Spiritual Guru and Birthday of a Legend!

It may be a quirk of nature that it had to be the same day, the 24th of April, 2011.

Tearful condolences to Shri Sathya Sai Baba, a spiritual institution working from Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh, India having followers all over the world, who passed away this morning after being in hospital for over a month. Millions of devotees are paying homage tearfully--devotees from all walks of life irrespective of religious beliefs. Millions are expected to come to offer prayers to his mortal remains at his Ashram Prashanti Nilayam. His mortal remains will be kept for this purpose till Tuesday, the 26th. In this sad moment there are many questions as to who will succeed his spiritual empire covering 114 countries or who will now be the spiritual guide for millions having qualifications to match his Avatar status or what will happen to the charity institutions and his billions of rupees of properties. Hope all will be well.

And, for cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar his 38th birthday today began on a sad note. The legend had been a devoted follower of Sathya Sai and only yesterday he wanted his blessings and prayed for his speedy recovery.

Sachin has decided not to celebrate his birthday. Naturally so. Plus he also has an IPL match to play today.

But the millions of the legend's followers all over the world are not going sit quiet. Many of them will definitely be mutually inclusive. They will have a soulful celebration with prayers and best of wishes. We can only say that Saithya Sai being a part of God will be anyway with everybody including Sachin and His blessings can still be sought. Wishing Happy Birthday to a legend is only human. Happy Birthday Sachin, keep it flying high.

Nature has her ways. Always.

Friday, April 22, 2011

IPL-4: The Power of Money?

Loyalties seem to be submerged in money thanks to the fourth version of Indian Premier League T20 being played all over India at the moment. It had been a nagging issue in previous versions too with players of particular countries called back to play for those countries. 

This time the issue has come out in ugly dimensions.  Sri Lanka had to prepare for the forthcoming England tour and so the SL Cricket authorities called back their players. Nothing happened, so SLC gave a deadline. Parleys and negotiations and threats followed from the most money-powerful Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Inevitably the deadline got extended to May 18 as of now. 

Meantime SL main strike bowler Lasith Malinga, known for his slinging right-arm unique action, maintained throughout  about his knee injury. But because he continued playing IPL the SLC asked the question and called him back home for fitness test. 

And today, Malinga resigned from test cricket. He maintained that if he is exposed to prolonged bowling as required in tests his injury could degenerate. He is only 27 and has all the time in the world to get the problem checked out and treated. Though in T20 format he has to bowl only 4 overs maximum, in one-day format one spell can get extended to 7 overs subject to a maximum of 10. Besides, it's always the skipper to decide how many overs a bowler bowls at a particular spell. Since Malinga is still available for one-day cricket the whole issue smells money. Well, money and pressure both. Like in the underworld once you join the big money league there is no return! 

Personally I feel, why should players like Dhoni who achieved the ultimate glory just a few days back and legends like Tendulkar subject themselves to playing simple club cricket instead of celebrating and relaxing with family. Well, everyone knows why. The cricket crazy Indians are still thronging the stadiums all over even after relishing the greatest moment for their country. You see, basically IPL is cricket too! You can do a lot--dancing to the cameras, see your favorite players in action, watch good bowling and fielding and of course enjoy batting fours and sixes, and developing a weird kind of club loyalty. 

It's the big crowds that generate the big money and players play for their fans and earn the big bucks. The big buck just rolls on in an inevitable paradox. Better enjoy it rather than having such ugly thoughts! Even then why should a few local clubs go on playing each other for nearly two months! As I maintained earlier the ICC Cricket World Cup should in fact be played for a longer time. 

The big buck is always victorious in India. Anna Hazare is facing now the hazards for trying to fight against the juggernaut called corruption which in turn is nourished and preserved by the big buck. 

The big buck never stops anywhere!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

North Pole! Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 08:49:05 -0600!

 This is the sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest point.

A scene you will probably never get to see in person, so take a moment and enjoy God at work at the North Pole.
And, you also see the sun below the moon, an amazing photo and not one easily duplicated.
The Chinese have a saying that goes something like this:
'When someone shares with you something of value,
You have an obligation to share it with others!'
I just did.. Your turn 
Thanks to Yazdi Engineer Saheb for emailing me this precious photograph.

Monday, April 18, 2011


A social networking site needs tremendous number of users to succeed online. More the crowd more the online opportunities for advertising and marketing. Apart from the well known big ones many others are trying very hard to become a successful social networking site, but most of them in vain due to lack of active users.

Nowadays CORRUPTION is the keyword. There are so many scams out in the open and so many hidden. Scams involving billions of bucks link naturally to a huge number of rich and famous souls. Only problem is you don't know them. Controversies are being created everyday on links to some most powerful. You know it for sure, but officially it's all allegations only! Names and disclosures are demanded, but proofs provided by crooks are never considered officially.

NOW, in this unholy context, what if we provide a staggering online platform for all those corrupt crooks to come together! Call it CORRUPTIONLINKS DOT COM. Its success is guaranteed. It will need thousands of terabytes of space only to cater to users from India! Stalwarts from all fields possible--politics, finance, bureaucracy, sports, education etc--will act and interact together! There will be different categories like 2G Spectrum, Adarsh Society, Commonweal Games, Fake Pilots, Land and property deals, bribes counter and so on. Every category will have accounts of all users linked to that particular field. Just imagine the marketing response it's going to generate!

Only one basic strategic change we need to make. We can only call it an anti-social networking site!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Anna Gives It To The Indian People!

This is the biggest victory for the Indian people since Independence. We never could see the live scenes of the Freedom Struggle except on celluloid. But now we are witnessing live the Second Independence. This time against a bigger enemy called 'Corruption'! We are privileged and proud of this moment thanks the Modern Day Gandhi, Anna Hazare. We are witnessing history unfolding right before us, incredibly vibrant scenes across India we never thought we could ever live to see.

For the first time ever civil society will function together with the Government in a fifty-fifty partnership. The Joint Draft Committee will prepare the real Jan Lokpal Bill and it will be placed before the Parliament in its monsoon session by end of June this year. The Government had to accept all demands of Anna Hazare, supported by the whole of India, and predominantly, Young India.

Tomorrow at 10.30am we have a date with History. Anna Hazare is set to formally end his fast unto death in acknowledgment of the Government notification. And, the first effective step to vanquish the blood sucking ENEMY will be underway. We are set too to cherish the moment of victory forever.

Still, there are personified epitomes of negativity that refuse to be human and blabber out the disgusting 'Nothing will happen' (kuch nehi hoga!) things. Earlier today one specimen asked me 'Are you sure Anna is not corrupt?' Some desperate souls are on overtime to malign the Second Gandhi. Time now to laugh them off and better put them on the shelves.

Long Live Anna Hazare. March the Anna Brigade!  Demolish Corruption!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anna Hazare's Movement! Now... India Vs Corruption!

Just when the whole of India became ONE to celebrate the World Cup victory with patriotic fervor, Anna Hazare, the modern day Gandhji, started his fast unto death in the national capital New Delhi from April 5, 2011 against corruption. And, the whole of India supported him spontaneously and participated actively to carry the fight to conclusive success. The World Cup victory came after 28 years and this movement against corruption so far has taken 42 years in terms of passing the Lokpal bill. in its strongest form.

Times really seem to be changing. We have suffered unprecedented corruption  stories, mainly the 2G Spectrum scam, the Adarsh scam, the Commonwealth Games scam, the air Pilots scam, the Cash for Votes scam and so on. We have also seen what happened in Egypt and now in Libya. The masses are no longer tolerant. They want justice and action. For that they are ready to come out in the streets in millions and ready to undergo all that it takes to success. THIS IS THE TIME!

We extend full support to Anna and pray for his health and crowning success. The young generation of India has been proving its might by showing unprecedented participation online and on the battlefield for the social activist from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra who has been living in a ten by ten room in a temple complex and crusading against corruption all his life. CORRUPTION MUST END NOW AND FOREVER!

O' rulers of the world! Take heed and adopt immediate steps for your own good! If you thought REVOLUTIONS were not possible in a modern day state you are proved wrong! If Egypt and Libya can do it, India can do it much  better with the numbers and strength of the largest democracy of the world.

Cricket unites you and Corruption urges you march forward unitedly. SUCCESS WILL BE OURS!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Team India Crowned World Champions!

Finally in the Grand Finale Team India played truly to its potential and won the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 in great style! The Team scoffed at the idea of depending on one or two stalwarts and blazed away to an astounding victory celebrations for which do not seem to end and justifiably so. After 28 years, first team in world cup history to win it as hosts, first team to win chasing in excess of 250 runs and on! Captain Cool also known as the Great Gambler showed why he is indeed the best Indian Captain of all times. Mahendra Singh Dhoni made a masterstroke by promoting himself ahead of Yuvraj and finally delivered with the bat with such determination to win and such obsession that the World Cup had to come running for his country and of course for the living legend Sachin Tendulkar. Forget his decisions or gambling now, his disarming smile and humbleness make the win more memorable.

Superb fielding and terrific bowling by Zaheer Khan in particular never allowed Sri Lanka to run away for a 300 plus total. Thanks to a brilliant century by Mahela Jaywardene and 63 runs in the last five batting powerplay overs Sri Lanka reached 274 which seemed to worry a lot of Indian supporters and which was accepted by Sri Lanka as the invincible platform for their second title. The potential Indian batting strength was just conveniently forgotten. 
To make matters more worrying India lost Sehwag in the second ball of the innings in similar fashion as in the Pak encounter. Sachin showed with a few blazing shots that he was there to stay. But he also went for 18 with a reeling total at 31 for 2. Gautam Gambhir though had different designs and a sound strategy against Murlidharan in particular who was never allowed to settle down to his intensity. With able support from Virat Kohli Gambhir laid the foundation for victory and then Kohli went at 114 for 3, still a fifty-fifty situation. In came the Captain and proceeded with ruthless precision, absolute power and spectacular brilliance. Gambhir threw his wicket with just three run short of what would have been a unforgettable century. He still deserved the Man of the Match award, but Dhoni’s determined and brilliant effort of 91 not out sealed it in his favor.

With Yuvraj Captain Cool clinically completed Mission World Cup 2011 and brought home at home the second glorious honors by dispatching the second ball of the penultimate over to a roaring six. And history was made at the Wankhede stadium, Mumbai.

A sweet revenge for the incredibly cruel defeat in the semi final of WC 1996 at Kolkata by the Sri Lankans. Sweeter, because Team India refused to fall prey to the suffocating bowling tactics of Sri Lanka as has been the trend over the years in sluggish conditions.  Sri Lanka celebrated the fall of Tendulkar like in WC Football match and maybe took it as the final step towards victory. But Indian batting in full flow is capable of conquering all opposition of the world. 

What a match! What a victory! Just continue celebrating! 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Action Mumbai! ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Final!

The situation seems to be a little funny! Though the news channels are doing everything—talking discussing analyzing forecasting and expertizing the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Final to be played in Mumbai tomorrow between India and Sri Lanka—almost all the time the efforts do not appear to be enough! This is because the Indo-Pak Mohali encounter was hyped so very magnanimously that nothing seems to be enough to justify the Final! The India-Sri Lanka Final appears to be low-key. What do you learn from this? That you should not overdo anything so that you fail to match it later on! Now, if India emerges as the World Cup 2011 Champions the media will have to build it up more on the Pak encounter rather than on the Final!

Experts including a disappointed Imran Khan advised all just to enjoy the Final! Both are excellent teams and Sri Lankan skipper Sangakkara admitted India to be favorites to imply that SL is not under pressure. India being favorites and playing at home will have to bear all the pressure! Cool Dhoni gloated over the opportunity to play in the subcontinent and before home crowds. Kapil Dev described Dhoni as the gambler who likes to take his own decisions.

So, we will be much better off tomorrow if we decide just to watch and enjoy and not take tension about who would win or lose. Of course, as Indians we would definitely like Team India to be the Champions which for me should eventually happen due to three basic reasons—first, Indian batting is much more stronger than SL and that India beat them in recent times without the services of several stalwarts; second, Indian bowling and fielding have come good in the knockout stage and three, SL is not really tested under pressure so far in the tournament and that they have won easily in the knockout stage staying at home.

We will wish Dhoni all the luck and not bother about what decisions he finally takes tomorrow. Media is already into a debate about who will be the 11th player in Team India—Ashwin or Pathan or even Sreesanth! Nehra’s injury might have saved Dhoni  from a dilemma because Nehra bowled well at Mohali. For Gods sake, leave it to the Indian skipper and relax sit back and enjoy! The best team tomorrow will definitely win!

Local holiday declared for Mumbai, unprecedented three tier security system in place for the renovated Wankhede Stadium, only ticket holders are advised to come to the venue which in effect means just 4000 available for common viewers apart from VVIPs, VIPs that make up to a total capacity of 32,000, weather is so far fine not being that hot and the Saturday fever is just catching on!

Enjoy and cheer you team to victory!

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