Anna Hazare's Movement! Now... India Vs Corruption!

Just when the whole of India became ONE to celebrate the World Cup victory with patriotic fervor, Anna Hazare, the modern day Gandhji, started his fast unto death in the national capital New Delhi from April 5, 2011 against corruption. And, the whole of India supported him spontaneously and participated actively to carry the fight to conclusive success. The World Cup victory came after 28 years and this movement against corruption so far has taken 42 years in terms of passing the Lokpal bill. in its strongest form.

Times really seem to be changing. We have suffered unprecedented corruption  stories, mainly the 2G Spectrum scam, the Adarsh scam, the Commonwealth Games scam, the air Pilots scam, the Cash for Votes scam and so on. We have also seen what happened in Egypt and now in Libya. The masses are no longer tolerant. They want justice and action. For that they are ready to come out in the streets in millions and ready to undergo all that it takes to success. THIS IS THE TIME!

We extend full support to Anna and pray for his health and crowning success. The young generation of India has been proving its might by showing unprecedented participation online and on the battlefield for the social activist from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra who has been living in a ten by ten room in a temple complex and crusading against corruption all his life. CORRUPTION MUST END NOW AND FOREVER!

O' rulers of the world! Take heed and adopt immediate steps for your own good! If you thought REVOLUTIONS were not possible in a modern day state you are proved wrong! If Egypt and Libya can do it, India can do it much  better with the numbers and strength of the largest democracy of the world.

Cricket unites you and Corruption urges you march forward unitedly. SUCCESS WILL BE OURS!