A social networking site needs tremendous number of users to succeed online. More the crowd more the online opportunities for advertising and marketing. Apart from the well known big ones many others are trying very hard to become a successful social networking site, but most of them in vain due to lack of active users.

Nowadays CORRUPTION is the keyword. There are so many scams out in the open and so many hidden. Scams involving billions of bucks link naturally to a huge number of rich and famous souls. Only problem is you don't know them. Controversies are being created everyday on links to some most powerful. You know it for sure, but officially it's all allegations only! Names and disclosures are demanded, but proofs provided by crooks are never considered officially.

NOW, in this unholy context, what if we provide a staggering online platform for all those corrupt crooks to come together! Call it CORRUPTIONLINKS DOT COM. Its success is guaranteed. It will need thousands of terabytes of space only to cater to users from India! Stalwarts from all fields possible--politics, finance, bureaucracy, sports, education etc--will act and interact together! There will be different categories like 2G Spectrum, Adarsh Society, Commonweal Games, Fake Pilots, Land and property deals, bribes counter and so on. Every category will have accounts of all users linked to that particular field. Just imagine the marketing response it's going to generate!

Only one basic strategic change we need to make. We can only call it an anti-social networking site!