IPL-4: The Power of Money?

Loyalties seem to be submerged in money thanks to the fourth version of Indian Premier League T20 being played all over India at the moment. It had been a nagging issue in previous versions too with players of particular countries called back to play for those countries. 

This time the issue has come out in ugly dimensions.  Sri Lanka had to prepare for the forthcoming England tour and so the SL Cricket authorities called back their players. Nothing happened, so SLC gave a deadline. Parleys and negotiations and threats followed from the most money-powerful Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Inevitably the deadline got extended to May 18 as of now. 

Meantime SL main strike bowler Lasith Malinga, known for his slinging right-arm unique action, maintained throughout  about his knee injury. But because he continued playing IPL the SLC asked the question and called him back home for fitness test. 

And today, Malinga resigned from test cricket. He maintained that if he is exposed to prolonged bowling as required in tests his injury could degenerate. He is only 27 and has all the time in the world to get the problem checked out and treated. Though in T20 format he has to bowl only 4 overs maximum, in one-day format one spell can get extended to 7 overs subject to a maximum of 10. Besides, it's always the skipper to decide how many overs a bowler bowls at a particular spell. Since Malinga is still available for one-day cricket the whole issue smells money. Well, money and pressure both. Like in the underworld once you join the big money league there is no return! 

Personally I feel, why should players like Dhoni who achieved the ultimate glory just a few days back and legends like Tendulkar subject themselves to playing simple club cricket instead of celebrating and relaxing with family. Well, everyone knows why. The cricket crazy Indians are still thronging the stadiums all over even after relishing the greatest moment for their country. You see, basically IPL is cricket too! You can do a lot--dancing to the cameras, see your favorite players in action, watch good bowling and fielding and of course enjoy batting fours and sixes, and developing a weird kind of club loyalty. 

It's the big crowds that generate the big money and players play for their fans and earn the big bucks. The big buck just rolls on in an inevitable paradox. Better enjoy it rather than having such ugly thoughts! Even then why should a few local clubs go on playing each other for nearly two months! As I maintained earlier the ICC Cricket World Cup should in fact be played for a longer time. 

The big buck is always victorious in India. Anna Hazare is facing now the hazards for trying to fight against the juggernaut called corruption which in turn is nourished and preserved by the big buck. 

The big buck never stops anywhere!