The Fish Doctor!

Well, are you intrigued seeing the fish? Fish is almost a staple diet in Assam, but don't worry, I am not going to promote eating fish! This comes in a hilarious context only. And the context is anyway Assam!

We finally arrived in Guwahati on 6th May afternoon thanks to Air India! For my ten days the trip had been really hectic. Just everything was done and accomplished. Attended from funerals to weddings involving travel, Ragini had two one-hour interview programs on different news channels-the second one being on the day I left, Ragini also had hugely appreciated concert of devotional music at the beautiful premises of Balaji Mandir (Temple) and I managed to meet my best friends and also spent valuable time with an eminent poet-writer of Assam. So, then, I thought of celebrating Assam with a good joke about 'fish'!

In certain areas of Assam fishermen are very smart and sharp. They believe that they are giving a most wanted service and they want to be respected and trusted for their quality 'fish'! Once in a famous market a discerning customer walks in looking for the freshest fish. He approached a seller taking a look at his varied presentation and focused on a rohu fish. He asked, 'Hi, is this fresh?' 'No worry, a fresh catch!' But still, the discerning customer wanted to be sure and fingered the fish pressing it feeling the 'freshness'! He was a little doubtful.

'It seems to be a little soft. Are you sure it's okay?'

The seller turned around and announced loudly, 'Hey friends! Please welcome the fish doctor! Bring all your fish over here for a free examination and expert diagnosis!'

The customer wished he could vanish at that very instant!


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