Obama Eliminates Osama! & Air India Circus!

Today, the 2nd of May 2011, is a historic day in the global war against terrorism. And the war hero is President Obama. There are celebrations all around USA singing the praise of Prez Obama who said justice done to the 9/11 victims. Justifiably and significantly so.

Osama Bin Laden, the greatest terrorist evil of the millennium had been found in Pakistan and killed by Navy Seals in brutal precision keeping the Pak government spectators..or not even that. Because nobody could even witness what happened.

If the greatest terrorist could hide in Pakistan what about scores of others about whose whereabouts the Pak government always acted ignorant. There are too many questions, too many suspicions involving both Pak and American authorities. And for India, this is both good news and frightening. Because many of the terrorists targeting India including the 26/11 Mumbai attack perpetrators are now proved to be in Pak's safe custody and till Prez Obama exterminates them all the threats will continue to haunt India. Let the war against the biggest evil of modern times continue till the last one is felled.

There are laws now forbidding mobile Circus groups to keep animals in captivity. But Air India is keeping real human beings captive for a week now. The self styled 'crusading' pilots are extremely adamant defying even the orders of the High Court. In fact, as usual, they want more money; but they give it an anti-corruption tag. Well, prove your integrity sans the hapless passengers held to ransom. To make matters worse, the Air India management too had proved to be useless even in managing their own employees apart from taking the national airlines apart over the decades. Yes, it's inefficient and corrupt. But the fight against it has to be fought with the cooperation of the 'passenger' people and not by victimizing them.

Among the victims the worst affected ones are the Government of India officers who have to travel by Air India by compulsion in all their tours and govt funded travel. Even if their Air India flight is cancelled the poor fellows still cannot opt for a private flight. If they do so, it will be at their own expenses! Extreme parental care leads to spoilt brats!

The Air India Circus is raging to full houses!


Unknown said…
No doubt Osama is a dreaded terrorist who has probably killed thousands.But it was a extra judicial killing which again can be justified in the present state of the world. But people including women and children rejoicing at such a killing is a little difficult to digest. Also the fact that the President of USA personally ordered this killing and announced it to the world at large. I thought such killings are done by the intelligence agencies and after soemtime it appears in the Press that so & so a terrorist was killed---how, when is never told.
Remember those James Bond & Nick Carter novels. It seems sercret agents & their boss like Mr M are now passe. The head of the state has now assumed the role of M. !!!!!!!!!

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