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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maya Is Only Maya!

The genocides, tortures, murders and rapes currently coming to light in Uttar Pradesh of Northern India only prove that feudalism still rules in this region. Feudal lords of states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar may have assumed a democratic nomenclature, but  their basic nature and execution of duties remain horrifyingly the same as in the middle ages. The situation is confounded by still existing poverty, illiteracy, damnable traditions and exploding population.

Though bitter political fights are being fought over this saga of inhumanity, it’s hardly political. The ruling party may be under a lot of pressure and if this eventually effects transfer of  power to an opposition party the situation would not ever improve. This basically means a transfer of power from a feudal lord to another equally reactionary feudal lord. Feudal exploitation would remain its mantra.

No wonder, the Women Reservation Bill has been facing maximum opposition from these two states. Because, the basic principle of feudalism is to dominate and exploit women. The Lords would rather die of shame than elevating women. That the concerned Lord may be a woman too hardly matters.

From the ancient period the great sages and scriptures have been teaching us that the external world is only an illusion or maya. We should ignore it and try for internal bliss. So now, from the philosophical side whatever has been happening in Uttar Pradesh or in Northern India is only Maya (illusion). And, from the materialistic side it’s also Maya (wati)! We can only appeal to the sages to kindly reincarnate and tell us what to do! 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spiritual Power Never For Sale! If You Sell, You Lose It!

Intuitive people cultivate meditation and some of them acquire spiritual or divine power. They remain in a constant awakened state and keep getting cosmic messages on all issues they are approached or told about. Such people are programmed and designed by the cosmos to help and guide distressed and gullible souls toward achieving Nirvana. If they try earning money from their power they lose it fast and inevitably.

I know quite a few awakened personalities including our guru Vijay Deutale (Bhaiya) who are helping people selflessly and sometimes transferring the ailments of their devotees to theirs visiting the followers on their own cost whenever called and never get irritated or angry or unwilling. Through their prescribed ways they absorb the negativity out of you and finally neutralize it. Some of them never even needs to eat. A divine fragrance envelopes them all the time. All of them tell on their own that earning money from their power is prohibited by the High Command. They also have the power to leave their bodies or die at will.

Believing or not believing rests with you. But you find lots of examples if you desire looking out and observing. Ramdev Baba is the latest example. He acquired spiritual power through practising yoga and meditation. But he made all the money all the time charging heavily for his yoga camps, selling his medicines at high prices and earning revenues from his television channels. Now, you see what happened when he planned to acquire political power with his millions. He could not sustain his fast even for a week landing at the ICU.

Yes, the question is how can they work? Some of them have full time jobs and some of them keep a donation box the proceeds of which go to the poor and everyone can donate as per capacity.

So spirituality means only humanity; no compulsions, no propaganda and of course no sales!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mumbai's Shame! Daylight Murder of Journalist.

Jyotirmay Dey, crime editor of a Mumbai eveninger Midday, was shot dead in broad daylight yesterday afternoon at Powai township.  Dey was returning home on his bike when four people on two motorcycles came up to him and shot five rounds of bullets into him from close range.  This brutal murder looked to be very professional and it indicates involvement of the Mumbai underworld. More specifically the oil mafia.

Apart from his regular articles Dey wrote two researched books on the underworld and recently he was writing a series on diesel adulteration in a particular locality near Mumbai for which he received threatening calls of late. An investigative journalist goes down to mafia bullets for writing his views.

Only last January an additional district collector of the Government of Maharashtra, Yashwant Sonawane was burnt alive in broad daylight for inspecting suspicious activities of petrol and diesel adulteration.

It's very disturbing. Both acts showed bold defiance of the perpetrators raising the inevitable question of a politico-mafia nexus. Mumbai has been the hotbed of gangster and underworld shootouts, but the grime never affected the creatively opinionated and artistic professionals. So, the trend is horrifying.

We condemn this brutal act and join with all in the fourth estate fraternity. The government must deliver and protect all righteous professionals from the vested interests. But we must also introspect. We should have zero tolerance against violence and terrorism, but not against  opinions and creative expressions. Legendary Painter M F Hussain died in exile on June 9, 2011. Who were responsible for throwing out such a worthy artiste of our country? If he offended many with his paintings, he should've been attacked with words only and not intolerance.

Intolerance breeds violence and violence is the mantra of  all criminals and of course, the Mafia. While demanding protection and security we must help each other too.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Movement Against Corruption: Leadership Slots Still Open!

Basically, the politicians of India have failed miserably to deliver on curbing the menace of corruption and black money. Huge and huger scams kept on surfacing making the masses disillusioned. So, social activists, saints, god-men and the like have come to occupy the center stage starting a movement against corruption. Anna Hazare, who was relatively unknown outside Maharashtra, sat on fast in the national capital in April, 2011 and became a national hero eliciting unprecedented mass support. Many political parties and leaders wanted to be a part of this, but Anna was firm keeping the movement non-political.

Ramdev Baba, the Yoga-guru who made his billions all over the world running two television channels and stigmatized by the alleged murder of his own guru, saw this and thought why not have some political power and clout. He picked up black money issue which is only the other side of a larger issue of corruption. He started his fast unto death at Ramleela Ground, New Delhi yesterday, the June 4th. Some frustrated political parties with right-wing leaning joined him at the platform. Incredible things happened yesterday, the ambiance, the huge crowd, Ramdev's loud and punching speeches beating his normally calm Yoga preachings, the live press conferences, the Government of India coming now and then for the continuing talks for ending the fast and so on.. Live on most news channels all over India that electrifying show would have put Bollywood blockbusters to shame.

When things were marching towards an exciting end with the Government agreeing to most of the demands, the Baba thought otherwise maybe unwilling to leave the 'live' platform. So, the Government's indignation led to the midnight mayhem with New Delhi police uprooting Baba and his supporters from the venue with tear gas shells, lathi charge and maybe firing of bullets in air. Well, the Government would hardly tolerate the apparently right-wing political drama happening right in front of their courtyard in spite of their genuine efforts, but the tactics they adopted were indeed undemocratic almost reminding of British atrocities in the pre-independence era. Now, they have given an extended lease of life to desperate political parties for taking forward their opposition drives almost on everyday basis from now onwards.Worse, Anna Hazare had to condemn this too and now his movement against corruption is on uncertain grounds.

When Anna Hazare along with his civil society members in the Lokpal (Ombudsmen) committee against corruption were carrying on the fight effectively where was the need for another movement? But as we have said political leaders were desperate for being a part of it and now the Ramdev Baba episode have thrown open an unending stream of slots for leadership for which the bids must have started already.

But what about the issue of corruption? Well, I already told you to be personally honest and enjoy!

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