Movement Against Corruption: Leadership Slots Still Open!

Basically, the politicians of India have failed miserably to deliver on curbing the menace of corruption and black money. Huge and huger scams kept on surfacing making the masses disillusioned. So, social activists, saints, god-men and the like have come to occupy the center stage starting a movement against corruption. Anna Hazare, who was relatively unknown outside Maharashtra, sat on fast in the national capital in April, 2011 and became a national hero eliciting unprecedented mass support. Many political parties and leaders wanted to be a part of this, but Anna was firm keeping the movement non-political.

Ramdev Baba, the Yoga-guru who made his billions all over the world running two television channels and stigmatized by the alleged murder of his own guru, saw this and thought why not have some political power and clout. He picked up black money issue which is only the other side of a larger issue of corruption. He started his fast unto death at Ramleela Ground, New Delhi yesterday, the June 4th. Some frustrated political parties with right-wing leaning joined him at the platform. Incredible things happened yesterday, the ambiance, the huge crowd, Ramdev's loud and punching speeches beating his normally calm Yoga preachings, the live press conferences, the Government of India coming now and then for the continuing talks for ending the fast and so on.. Live on most news channels all over India that electrifying show would have put Bollywood blockbusters to shame.

When things were marching towards an exciting end with the Government agreeing to most of the demands, the Baba thought otherwise maybe unwilling to leave the 'live' platform. So, the Government's indignation led to the midnight mayhem with New Delhi police uprooting Baba and his supporters from the venue with tear gas shells, lathi charge and maybe firing of bullets in air. Well, the Government would hardly tolerate the apparently right-wing political drama happening right in front of their courtyard in spite of their genuine efforts, but the tactics they adopted were indeed undemocratic almost reminding of British atrocities in the pre-independence era. Now, they have given an extended lease of life to desperate political parties for taking forward their opposition drives almost on everyday basis from now onwards.Worse, Anna Hazare had to condemn this too and now his movement against corruption is on uncertain grounds.

When Anna Hazare along with his civil society members in the Lokpal (Ombudsmen) committee against corruption were carrying on the fight effectively where was the need for another movement? But as we have said political leaders were desperate for being a part of it and now the Ramdev Baba episode have thrown open an unending stream of slots for leadership for which the bids must have started already.

But what about the issue of corruption? Well, I already told you to be personally honest and enjoy!


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