Spiritual Power Never For Sale! If You Sell, You Lose It!

Intuitive people cultivate meditation and some of them acquire spiritual or divine power. They remain in a constant awakened state and keep getting cosmic messages on all issues they are approached or told about. Such people are programmed and designed by the cosmos to help and guide distressed and gullible souls toward achieving Nirvana. If they try earning money from their power they lose it fast and inevitably.

I know quite a few awakened personalities including our guru Vijay Deutale (Bhaiya) who are helping people selflessly and sometimes transferring the ailments of their devotees to theirs visiting the followers on their own cost whenever called and never get irritated or angry or unwilling. Through their prescribed ways they absorb the negativity out of you and finally neutralize it. Some of them never even needs to eat. A divine fragrance envelopes them all the time. All of them tell on their own that earning money from their power is prohibited by the High Command. They also have the power to leave their bodies or die at will.

Believing or not believing rests with you. But you find lots of examples if you desire looking out and observing. Ramdev Baba is the latest example. He acquired spiritual power through practising yoga and meditation. But he made all the money all the time charging heavily for his yoga camps, selling his medicines at high prices and earning revenues from his television channels. Now, you see what happened when he planned to acquire political power with his millions. He could not sustain his fast even for a week landing at the ICU.

Yes, the question is how can they work? Some of them have full time jobs and some of them keep a donation box the proceeds of which go to the poor and everyone can donate as per capacity.

So spirituality means only humanity; no compulsions, no propaganda and of course no sales!


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