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Comedy: Competitive Corruption!

Of late corruption has become a highly competitive phenomenon. It depends on the partaker to call it healthy or unhealthy. But definitely, it has a bonanza of benefits for all the corrupt irrespective of profession caste creed ilk language or anything. Now, you need not take instant decisions on quitting even if you are caught red-handed. You look at your adversary straight in the face and announce, ‘You have done it too! On a much bigger scale! You resign first, and then only I will see!’ Some unfortunate corrupt souls ultimately had to land up in jails. One of them recently said that he was suffering from dementia or memory loss. Apart from the fact that all corrupt have to be demented, ‘memory loss’ is open for speculation. If it’s ‘short term memory loss’ or more specifically ‘till-I-get-the-bail term memory loss’, the affected should do what Aamir Khan did as the hero in a huge Hindi movie called ‘ Ghajini ’. The method has instant benefits. You are really transparent with your

Delhi Belly! Smart Little Shit Film!

Normally we express our agitated emotions in multiples of ‘Oh shit!’ After watching Delhi Belly where we confront real shit we go to absurd limits of our shit expressions! This has been such an astounding reality of human existence that even Aamir Khan, the beloved clean hero of India, had to realize it at last! In addition to the shit the film also offends us in several other details which we prefer to keep under the blanket safely, untold. The civilized hypocrites that we always are, we tend to ignore the biological aspects of our lives. Delhi Belly scores heavily by presenting these details in an uninhibited explicit (call it realistic) way which throws vulgarity out of the window. Biological humor, abuses etc are not uncommon to Bollywood movies, but they are always loud crude and vulgar. Produced by Aamir Khan Productions, written by young newbie Akshat Verma and directed by Abhinay Deo, Delhi Belly is a very well made film with beautiful shot compositions, brilliant

Terror Hits Mumbai Again!

The terrorists just cannot leave Mumbai, the sparkling business hub of India, in peace. After the 26/11 attack in 2008 the terrorists had been venting their venom inside Pakistan making blasts the order of the day in an already devastated country. Now, they have managed to hit Mumbai again. Today at around 7pm when people return home or sip a leisurely cup of tea or shop a little, three blasts went off in a well coordinated serial attack. The first one of high intensity blasted the congested jewellery market, Jhaveri Bazaar. The second one at the diamond district of the city, Opera House. And, the third one near Dadar railway station on the western side. Fortunately the third one was of low intensity, otherwise it could have created havoc at Dadar, the busiest place in town where commuters, shoppers and vendors congregate in huge numbers particularly in the evening. Nearly twenty innocent people have died so far with about hundred injured. Terror has come back to haunt Mumbai and p

A Tale of Two Teams!

There are two Teams you know all about. One Team lacked its usual stalwarts and was happy to get what it achieved. Maybe a little more effort, a little more risk. But the team leader did not even come out to take charge. The other Team had all its stalwarts, but still did want to achieve what it could have achieved. A few points would illustrate this further: If someone does excellent in the job assigned to him, you are very right to promote him. But after promoting him you certainly do not want to deprive him of the job itself. Maybe you want him to excel in another important job, but at the same time you must give him time to finish the first one satisfactorily.  If somebody is corrupt, he will be at it whatever job you assign. First you must make sure that he had given up corruption permanently. So, it does not make any logic to put him out of one job and assign another. Better put him out permanently of any job. If you have to bow to pressure, you must do so consistently too.

Who Says Mumbai Is Heartless!

There were two long queues for local train tickets at Wadala railway station in Mumbai harbor railway line segment. I was in a lot of hurry, but there was never any option but to join in . Then I saw something. A poor man (let’s not call him a beggar) was sitting on the floor in front of the counters. His little son, very pale and weak, was stretched on his lap. There were some x-rays and documents scattered around him. The man was muttering amidst tears, ‘Please help me get some treatment for my ailing son. He may or may not be saved. But please help me do something for him.’ As usual, busy as ever, Mumbaikars hardly seemed to be noticing the father and son duo. But what followed moved me in my innermost soul. Everybody, I mean one and all, booked his/her tickets and deposited whatever change s/he got with the poor man on the ground. It was ten bucks or more for some, five bucks or less for some others. But they followed the same routine. Mumbaikars , irrespective of age or gender o

Mani Kaul (1944-2011): Ode To A Great Indian Filmmaker

Mani Kaul was one of the pioneering Indian filmmakers who contributed to the evolution of Parallel Cinema in India. Trained in the Film and Television Institute of India Pune, when Ritwik Ghatak was the chairman, Mani Kaul took cinema as an intricate method of expression. His Uski Roti (1969) was a revolution in Indian cinema bringing in an intellectual and intuitive approach to film-making (Filmfare critics award, 1971). Instead of obvious portrayal of emotions he made the audience study and understand every frame of his creations. If you are not attentive you may soon lose the thread of the narrative. Rooted to realism Mani Kaul could hardly differentiate between his masterful features and documentaries. He won his first National Award for his feature ‘ Duvidha’ in 1974 for Best Direction and won his second for his documentary ‘ Siddheswari’ in 1989 for Best Documentary. His musical masterpiece ‘Dhrupad’ (1982) showed his deep understanding of Indian music and rigorous training

How to Cut Wasteful Expenditures!

One imposing stern-faced snobbish bureaucrat showed an innovative way not only to control but to altogether cut away wasteful expenditures recently. A team of experts were visiting his company to assess performance and productivity of various faculties and departments. There was everything official about it and the officer had no risk of spending a penny from his pocket. Now, due to links and sub-links the visiting team did not necessarily remain limited to only the experts and naturally expanded into a bigger one. Other company officials had to join too for various reasons. Anyway, there were no problems and the big team went on visiting. The last stop was an interactive session with high tea. This time the imposing stern-faced snobbish bureaucrat put his assistant at the hall entrance and started screening people selecting specimen from his dear clan mostly for entry. So, many justifiably linked members of the team were effectively debarred from the last session…specifically the