Comedy: Competitive Corruption!

Of late corruption has become a highly competitive phenomenon. It depends on the partaker to call it healthy or unhealthy. But definitely, it has a bonanza of benefits for all the corrupt irrespective of profession caste creed ilk language or anything.

Now, you need not take instant decisions on quitting even if you are caught red-handed. You look at your adversary straight in the face and announce, ‘You have done it too! On a much bigger scale! You resign first, and then only I will see!’

Some unfortunate corrupt souls ultimately had to land up in jails. One of them recently said that he was suffering from dementia or memory loss. Apart from the fact that all corrupt have to be demented, ‘memory loss’ is open for speculation. If it’s ‘short term memory loss’ or more specifically ‘till-I-get-the-bail term memory loss’, the affected should do what Aamir Khan did as the hero in a huge Hindi movie called ‘Ghajini’. The method has instant benefits. You are really transparent with your physical body bearing the brunt of your corrupt deeds. It helps you too to remember which money of which deed you put in which bank. A big plus, you are likely to be the hero too! Nobody would bother you with right to information queries.

Corruption competition has become so rampant that you can have very amusing situations enacted for you. Suppose one political party in power announces one fine morning, ‘Corruption is very bad. We condemn corruption.’ The opposition party that had to oppose anything uttered by the ruling one would retort back, ‘You have no moral right to say that! We condemn you! Corruption is very good!’

Well, if you are not corrupt still or not to the desired level, you are missing a great opportunity to partake indulge and prosper in the great competition.


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