Delhi Belly! Smart Little Shit Film!

Normally we express our agitated emotions in multiples of ‘Oh shit!’ After watching Delhi Belly where we confront real shit we go to absurd limits of our shit expressions! This has been such an astounding reality of human existence that even Aamir Khan, the beloved clean hero of India, had to realize it at last! In addition to the shit the film also offends us in several other details which we prefer to keep under the blanket safely, untold. The civilized hypocrites that we always are, we tend to ignore the biological aspects of our lives. Delhi Belly scores heavily by presenting these details in an uninhibited explicit (call it realistic) way which throws vulgarity out of the window. Biological humor, abuses etc are not uncommon to Bollywood movies, but they are always loud crude and vulgar.

Produced by Aamir Khan Productions, written by young newbie Akshat Verma and directed by Abhinay Deo, Delhi Belly is a very well made film with beautiful shot compositions, brilliant takings and fast paced narrative. The film flows naturally with nothing being done forcefully and is absolutely without jerks. The plot revolves around three working bachelors Tashi (Imran Khan), Nitin (Kunal Kapoor) and Arup (Vir Das). Tashi had to deliver an important courier package, but due to tie-ups with his fiancée he asked Nitin to do so. Nitin, on his extra-curricular ventures, ate tandoori chicken from Delhi street sides and suffered an unstoppable bout of diarrhea. So, Nitin entrusts the job to Arup along with a second package containing stool sample for the clinic. Now, Arup made such a mess of delivering the packages that the local Don, expecting a packet of precious diamonds, finds shit on his table. The film gets into a mad rush of chases, encounters and weird situations that seem logical, believable and almost realistic. Meant as a comedy the film is hilarious throughout and at places, screamingly funny supported by competent restrained performances all around. Delhi Belly is mature entertainment for adults.

The film is good news for Bollywood too, because a mainstream film, can even call it a blockbuster due to Aamir’s association, on a totally off-beat theme becomes a super hit. This also defeats the theory that we need spicy or masala films to entertain the Indian masses. Indian audience has become mature and you can now make your films for your target audiences. If it’s a good film it will definitely reward your investments. 

The questions are doing rounds everywhere ‘How can someone like Aamir Khan do this?’ ‘We never expected this from you!’ ‘We are shocked!’ Well, my advice to you is this: Aamir Khan is a damn good businessman, a creator and someone who knows India. Second, this is only natural that Aamir too has to have a bad stomach sometimes! His item number at the end of film only highlights the movie's theme!

Enjoy the film bindaas!


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