How to Cut Wasteful Expenditures!

One imposing stern-faced snobbish bureaucrat showed an innovative way not only to control but to altogether cut away wasteful expenditures recently.

A team of experts were visiting his company to assess performance and productivity of various faculties and departments. There was everything official about it and the officer had no risk of spending a penny from his pocket. Now, due to links and sub-links the visiting team did not necessarily remain limited to only the experts and naturally expanded into a bigger one. Other company officials had to join too for various reasons. Anyway, there were no problems and the big team went on visiting.

The last stop was an interactive session with high tea. This time the imposing stern-faced snobbish bureaucrat put his assistant at the hall entrance and started screening people selecting specimen from his dear clan mostly for entry. So, many justifiably linked members of the team were effectively debarred from the last session…specifically the tea! Just imagine how much money saved thus!

Next day there was the report giving meeting at a posh hotel. Experts and key officers got seated inside the executive room. But a whole lot of linked members had to linger outside in the hotel lounge. Meantime preparations were made at the counter for serving tea. The imposing stern-faced snobbish bureaucrat told his assistant to oversee that tea was served only to those seated inside and not to anybody outside.

What a revolutionary way to cut down expenditures. The best thing is that it can be adopted by any officer in any office. So, next time a colleague or visitor comes down to your room deny him the tea! If you deny it to at least ten persons a day you save at least thirty bucks a day (taking into account the subsidized tea prices in offices) for your company. If you multiply by the number of working days in a year you save nearly nine thousand bucks! Taking into account the normal service years of 36 you stand to save a whopping three hundred thousand bucks.  If all serving officers adopt this innovation the savings would run into billions.

The method is almost foolproof. A particular imposing stern-faced snobbish bureaucrat would only have to ensure that he himself is not denied a tea on occasions when he is on the visiting side.

What a novel tea(r)ful way to cut down wasteful expenditures!


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