Terror Hits Mumbai Again!

The terrorists just cannot leave Mumbai, the sparkling business hub of India, in peace. After the 26/11 attack in 2008 the terrorists had been venting their venom inside Pakistan making blasts the order of the day in an already devastated country. Now, they have managed to hit Mumbai again.

Today at around 7pm when people return home or sip a leisurely cup of tea or shop a little, three blasts went off in a well coordinated serial attack. The first one of high intensity blasted the congested jewellery market, Jhaveri Bazaar. The second one at the diamond district of the city, Opera House. And, the third one near Dadar railway station on the western side. Fortunately the third one was of low intensity, otherwise it could have created havoc at Dadar, the busiest place in town where commuters, shoppers and vendors congregate in huge numbers particularly in the evening. Nearly twenty innocent people have died so far with about hundred injured.

Terror has come back to haunt Mumbai and possibly India again. Nobody knows where these enemies of people are hiding lurking and waiting to kill more innocents. High alert has been sounded in Mumbai and in all other major cities of India.

Let's pray for peace and help the government defeat the Enemy once and for all. Let's pray for the Mumbaikars who have again fallen prey to terror.


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