Anna Hazare Arrested!

Anna Hazare, the crusader against the evil of corruption, was arrested early this morning by Delhi police. Clearly, to avoid having a law and order situation with thousands (including fascist lumpen elements) expected to gather for an indefinite period at a public place in the national capital with hounding news channels hungry for 24/7 sensation. Anna Hazare's second fast unto death was not allowed to go in public. This is undemocratic, everybody is saying. Yes, it seems to be so.  But, there is one more angle to it.

The April fast was a huge success and the government of India had to agree to draft the Lokpal Bill promising to present it in Parliament in the monsoon session which they did. But the civil society members had been adamant since, constantly demanding what they thought was the best and soon making the movement 'Our Bill' Vs 'Your Bill'. Blackmail of another fast followed insistent demands despite the 'Your Bill' being presented in Parliament for open debate and discussion. Why? If government has been dictatorial, the Team Anna has been dictatorial too. Who are they to dictate terms to the nation, honestly? If they are so democratic why they don't believe in the democratic process?

Anna Hazare's arrest has created the mess that everybody politically involved wanted. The opposition parties are flocking on merrily at this godsend opportunity to condemn the government again. Of course, there is lot of love and respect for Anna and his supporters are already in full gear all over. But, most of the protest marches are likely to be organized and orchestrated by the opposition political parties and different factions attached to them making the common man missing conspicuously.

The chaos is most tragic when we think of the noble cause. The fight against corruption is set to degenerate into a routine political fight between ruling and opposition parties, the Prime Minister being the unfailing target both for civil society members and opposition.

The common people want corruption to end so that they are spared of paying bribes at every step of their existence. They never want a political circus on this most serious malady. Team Anna must wake up to the reality and allow the democratic process to take charge.


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