Anna Hazare Fast Goes On! Political Plunder Rages On!

The 74 year old crusader against corruption continues his fast unto death--entering the eleventh day today. Destroying our hopes of breakfast lunch and suppers for the last two days. Anna Hazare is becoming the hottest trump card for almost everybody involved in the process of fighting corruption.

Everybody is benefiting from Anna. The members of his team are riding high on unprecedented mass support and do not seem ever wanting to lose it. They are talking gesticulating and dictating not bothering who is before them. Anna's frail body is their constant source of inspiration.

The government seems to be in all sorts of dilemmas. Do it, don't do it, promise, don't promise, find a solution, camouflage it and so on! The Prime Minister delivered the positives on the last two days consecutively, but somebody or the other within would inevitably utter something contrary to the scheme of things or create whirlpools of confusion diversion and utter dejection. Constitution, parliament, law, democratic procedure etc are the most uttered words conveying no commitment attached to the very words. Anna's frail body is their constant source of strategy building.

The opposition political parties seem to be making the best of all worlds. They have a godsend opportunity to side with a good cause and make all the gesticulations in support of it mustering the undivided attention of the masses and shedding crocodile tears in plenty. Secondly and most importantly, they are having the greatest entertainment of all time seeing and pinning the ruling party against the wall. Bill or no Bill, they are set to the course of embarrassing their rivals to the maximum extent possible. Anna's frail body is their constant source of gleeful merriment.

168, 184, 193! All rules galore! Hope imprisoned in them. Maybe tomorrow's likely Parliament debate on all drafts of Lokpal Bill  yield some ruling. Maybe hoping against hope!

Anna Hazare must realize the 'reality show' of his fast and give up it up as soon as possible so that he can effectively lead the sea of humanity to the deserved goal and build his dream country.


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